“KT offers a highly tailored system and witnessed the great results of her work”

Kathryn has extensive knowledge of the body and offers a system of corrective exercises highly tailored to clients. She also understands the value of looking at a person from a holistic perspective. I highly recommend her services as I have witnessed the great results of her work.  She is professional, thoughtful and fun to work with!

Dominique Antilgio, Sophrologist

"Taller and significantly stronger… I got fantastic results"

I began working with KT when I had been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.  I felt that I should be as well as possible physically to cope with whatever happens in future. Within a short period of working with KT I was seeing fantastic results.  I am most definitely taller and much better physically and I feel significantly stronger.  KT also makes detailed records of all aspects of my body and the results at the end of the course are there for all to see.  Her demeanour and knowledge make her an excellent and caring coach.  

 Howard, Film Producer

“I am pain free which was impossible before working with KT”

When I first went to see KT I knew my posture was not good being in constant back pain. I found it difficult to even stand for more than 5-10 minutes at time. Having worked with KT she gave me a customised programme that targets the areas that needed strengthening and stabilising. Last week I was able to stand on stage giving talks for up to an hour pain free which would have been impossible before working with KT. The exercises she gives are so simple yet incredibly effective.

Karen, Entreprenuer

“Tremendous help in reducing and managing my back problems”

KT helped me tremendously with reducing and managing my recurring lower back problems. She prepares a varied and tailored programme, and makes every rep in every exercise count - with a constant focus on how it impacts the back.  KT is always looking for further improvement options, whether during training or through referrals to other practitioners. I highly recommend her. 

Kris, VC

“I am in better shape than I was 20 years ago thanks to KT”

I came to KT a couple of years ago with pain on my right knee.  It was so bad, I couldn’t run, long walks would hurt.  We worked hard to correct the imbalances that caused the pain and now I can say, that knee doesn’t hurt any more and it is even stronger than the other one! After that she has come up with new programmes to keep me in shape and happy. I am used to exercise but KT always manages to keep it new, fun and extremely challenging!  I am in better shape now than I was 20 years ago thanks to KT!!

Lorena W, Housewife

"My Pain Levels have dramatically decreased"

Before I began working with KT I was having on going trouble with my back and neck for some years. KT looks at the whole picture to really understand where the problems were originating from and how to tackle them. This can entail nutrition, hormone fluctuations, stress levels and so on. Since working with her my body has changed enormously. I am now completely aware of my weak points and how to manage them. My core is a great deal stronger and my body is noticeably more aligned in the way I stand and the way my clothes fit. More importantly my pain levels have dramatically decreased. KT is a joy to work with, extremely professional and at no point does the programme become boring. For the first time in a long time I look forward to my exercise sessions. I feel I am in extremely good hands and can not recommend KT and this programme enough. 

Rose - Artist