KICK is a high intensity boxing and kickboxing workout taught by me, KT, a expertly trained boxer.  This is a workout I take seriously as it's close to my heart.


Efficient fat burn 

Martial arts are all-round systems which train the 8 biomotor abilities that make up fitness.  This makes them perfect for fat burn, weight management, fitness gains and leaning out.  If you want to look like a superhero then this is the workout for you.



Boxing and kickboxing are sports so I'll be teaching you the skills of fighting.  You'll learn how to kick and punch properly as well as how to defend yourself effectively.  You'll need to bring your wits and your brain - I have fast hands and I'm not afraid to challenge you!  Whether you are a complete beginner or an ex-Am-Pro I'll cater the session to your specific needs so you get the best workout for you. 


Fun rating 5*

Martial arts make the most fun workouts.  I mean who doesn't love having permission to kick and punch something without anyone getting hurt?  If you need to let go of a little stress then pouching and kicking definitely helps. This workout always induces lots of laughter and guarantees you'll leave in that deliriously happy tired mood.