Are you expecting a baby?  I have created a specially designed exercise programme to support your movement and body maintenance needs before, during and after your pregnancy.  I’ll guide you through bespoke exercises to energize, support and mobilize your changing body and help you manage healthy weight gain to make your feel energized, positive and comfortable during this special time in your life.



We get your body healthy, fit and strong in preparation for your pregnancy. 



During your precious 9 months we focus on keeping you as strong as possible changing your workouts to suit each phase of your pregnancy.  



After your baby arrives we'll focus on getting your core back, educate you on techniques for lifting and carrying, and focus on preparing you for the movements that accompany being a new Mother.  We'll create balanced workouts that compliment your new lifestyle, paying attention to your energy and tiredness levels so you can concentrate on being the best Mother to your little bundle of joy!