The everything workout 

Classique is a classical ballet workout taught by me, KT, an ex-professional dancer.  I believe Ballet is the ultimate movement system combining the development of statuesque posture, flexibility, balance, strength, power, agility and grace.  


The body that every woman wants

I'll teach you the exercises that professional ballet dancers use to achieve their long lean legs and flat abdominals without using weights.  You'll develop enviable tone without gaining any size - it's the workout system that makes the room stop and look at you!


The real deal 

Classique is a real ballet workout - not a fitness fad version.  You'll learn the positions and exercises in the format that professionals use.  It will take a bit of time in the beginning to learn the fundamentals but it will be worth it when the systems starts transforming your body.


Brain and body 

Ballet is as much a brain workout as a physical one.  Learning steps, routines and co-ordination of the arms and leg even at the barre will definitely get you thinking.  Why do you think ballerinas are so smart?


So let's begin in first at the barre...