Why you should be Fit for Life

Precision Movement Fit for Life
Precision Movement Fit for Life

At Precision Movement2 we have a number of clients who came to us with specific goals which they achieved and now train with us to be 'fit for life'. It might sound like a wishy washy term with no direction but it has a profound impact on our clients. Read on to find out why Fit For Life is the new goal for exercise and how it will make you rethink how you train and why!  

What is 'fit for life'?

At Precision Movement 'Fit for Life' means you can run around the park with your kids without feeling 90! It means you can go trekking or skiing or sign up for 10k race without questioning your physical abilities. It means you can clean out the garage and shift heavy items without injuring your back. It may at some points include a short or medium term goal like running a marathon or triathlon but they are not the main focus. It gives you the freedom to enjoy your life and to say YES to creating, enjoying and remembering experiences that make up your life.

The high of fit Without fail, come minute 55 of an hours training session our clients are telling us how great they feel. They may have had the most stressful day but when they get to the end of their workout they feel like they could rule the world. Now, unfortunately, I can't take credit for that - the high comes from the release of endorphins so clients ultimately do this themselves. What I can take credit for and what we specialise in at Precision Movement2 is the innovative, creative and fun filled workouts that keep our clients coming back again and again.

Fitness for everything To be fit for any kind of situation you'll need to train the 8 biomotor abilities that make up fitness. If you just run all the time you'll only be training one of the eight - endurance. This will be good if you're a marathon runner or you like to trek in high altitude. But if you have a clean out of your garage you'll probably not have the strength to move heavier objects and may injure yourself even though you are considered 'fit'. At Precision Movement2 we make it out business to train all 8 biomotor abilities so you are a 'fit jack of all trades' if you like.

Quashing boredom When you make a conscious decision to make fitness and exercise part of your life you have to keep yourself interested and engaged. For our clients we make variation a central training principle. We challenge our clients and introduce them to new ways of exercising in a safe and progressive way so exercise is always fun and engaging - it's never boring at Precision Movement2!

Fit for the sake of fit It is well known that physical activity has a profound affect on your mental and emotional wellbeing which impacts both work, career success and home life. These days fitness is a given if you want to wake up each day and make the most of yourself. For our clients fitness is part of their lifestyle - a non-negotiable part. Without it they feel less productive, they start to feel a little blue.

Ultimately, 'Fit for Life' is a long term commitment to looking and feeling great and giving you the freedom to enjoy your life - ALL OF IT! It's for those of you out there who want to look back on your life and say I did everything I wanted to, I enjoyed every second of it and I am still here to tell you the tale. 

For more information on how Fit For Life can transform how you look and feel for the long term head on over to PrecisionMovement2  and please Contact Us.