Why workouts are the most productive part of my business

KT from Precision Movement
KT from Precision Movement

As a soloprenuer I run all parts of my business - client facing service, marketing, networking, admin, business development and growth.  In order for my business to continue growing I work on all areas.  But if I am totally honest it is my personal workout time that has the most value to my business and here are the reasons why....

Movement is the foundation of career success

I've been looking for concrete evidence of the affect of physical work on career success for a while and a few weeks ago I was given "The Making of a Corporate Athlete", written by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz in The Harvard Business Review back in 2001.  These two extraordinary gentlemen brought an elite athlete preparation and training protocol to CEOs and high level executives to dramatically improve work performance as well as enhance health and happiness in their lives.  

They work to a principle called The High Performance Pyramid.  Their model shows that building on rituals of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components helps CEOs and high level execs excel at peak performance under pressure.  Notice that physical movement is the FOUNDATION!

Effective, vigorous exercise  can promote a sense of emotional well-being which leads to peak mental performance that affirms our purpose for doing what we do and living how we live.

Now the research part is explained I am going to share my personal experience of how my workouts make my business better and how workouts can make your business better too!

Movement triggers my memory

Of late I've been paying attention to my thought processes and what comes to mind during my workouts.  During my rest periods I am often typing furiously on my to do list things I've remembered - emails to follow up with, phone calls I need to make, even things like making a small change to my business card.  Movement triggers my memory and fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it it also lengthens my to do list!

Affirming success stories

As I workout in the space I see clients, certain exercises or pieces of equipment trigger reminders of clients I have worked with or am currently working with.  I am often flooded with thoughts of their progress and achievements.  So even if I'm having a tough day or struggling with something a workout triggers positive affirmations of my work and increases my self efficacy.  What do you do when you're not feeling 100% confidence in your abilities?

The little things

Because exercise puts you in such a great happy state I often think of little extras that my clients could benefit from - books, articles I've read, blogs that I've written that are specific to their needs at the current time.  Even things like art exhibitions or movies I know they might like.  It's the little things that make the difference and I always get these ideas during a workout.  If you are a small to medium size service business you'll know it's the little things that set you apart from your competitors.  Where do you get your little ideas inspiration from?

Onwards and Upwards 

It is when I am running outdoors that I get my big ideas for the future and how to improve my service and client experience.  I let my mind wonder to the future and let my imagination create wild and wonderful plans about where I will be in the next 5 or 10 years.  Some of the ideas are ludicrous but fun to live out anyway and some ideas have made my business better.  Steve Jobs was notorious for scheduling in "thinking time" - time to just think and let the mind create an explore.  Running is my 'thinking time'.  How do you do your big thinking?

Energised and Motivated 

At the end of my workouts I always feel renewed energy and motivation.  I feel like eating a super healthy replenishment meal but most of all I feel like making someone else feel this good.  I am able to promote and influence these feelings in my clients.  How do you motivate and inspire your clients and co-workers?  What makes you feel inspired and ready to work on a project with renewed energy?

So how are you going to make your business more productive?  Movement is a great start!  For more information about how I can help you with your fitness and productivity please

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