Top tips for staying fit on holiday

Precision Movement fitness on holiday
Precision Movement fitness on holiday

As many of you know I work at Grosvenor House Apartments on Park Lane.  Many of the guests visit London in the summer months and I am often asked about how to incorporate exercise, that is usually a part of their life back home, whilst on vacation.  Wouldn't it be amazing after all your hard work to get that beach body if you came back from vacation looking just as good! Want to know how?  

1.  Stay Active  Being on vacation doesn't mean you have to be lazy.  Yes it is a chance for a rest but if you keep your body moving you will enjoy your holiday much more by keeping it energised.  If you are sitting on the beach then at least you'll feel toned and confident and that your chill out is well deserved.  There is also a greater chance you'll return home looking just as good as when you left - bonus!

2.  Prepare 

Before you arrive at your holiday destination know what fitness classes and options are available to you.  At GHA we offer our guests the option of a range of personal training services so when they arrive they can continue with their fitness as if they are still at home.

3. A change is as good as a rest

It is often said that change is as good as a rest.  If you regularly pound it out in the gym maybe try something new on your vacation - a yoga or ballet based session or an outdoor workout. Each destination you travel to will have unique fitness activities for you to try and can add to your overall vacation experience.  If you live in a city and are travelling to a beach destination go for a run on the beach or try out a watersport.

4.  Early bird 

It is better to do high intensity workouts in the morning when your cortisol levels are highest.  Getting your workout done early means can enjoy sightseeing, beach time, exploring a city, shopping and whatever else you have planned.  A calmer yoga or ballet based workout is best done late afternoon early evening when your cortisol levels are lower and can act as a restorative transition for your evening activities.

If you are interested in how to maintain your fitness here in London during the holiday season pleasecontact us.  For more information visit ourwebsite.