Precision Movement's hand picked specialist partners


At Precision Movement we often work in conjunction with medical experts and therapists to help clients get better faster.  We've hand picked specialists in orthopaedics, physiotherapy, osteopathy, specialist chiropractic, nutrition, lifestyle and stress management.  Our MO is to get you better - whatever that takes we'll make it happen.  We want our work to benefit you at the right point in your recovery so we may send you to another specialist first or in conjunction with the work we are doing.  

So here are our hand picked specialists and a bit about how they could potentially help you. Click on the links below to find out more about them and how to contact them.


Lucy Bransgrove

Lucy Bransgrove is a private visiting Physiotherapist who specialises in back pain and injuries as well as working at Kings College Boys School in Wimbledon as their pitchside sports physio.  Lucy provides treatment at the Precision Movement studio as part of our injury rehabilitation programme.



Heidi Grant is a NUCCA Chiropractor and specialises in head and neck trauma as well as how the alignment of the head and cervical spine affect the whole body.  Patients range from professional athletes to those recovering from strokes, neurological disorders, chronic pain, and common injuries.  I work in conjunction with Heidi a lot to help clients hold their adjustments better.


London Orthopaedic clinic 

If you require more medical and invasive interventions from trauma or long term degenerative changes, Precision Movement recommends patients to The London Orthopaedic Clinic on Wimpole Street, W1.  Founded by Mr Brian Cohen, it houses a team of 14 surgeons and specialist physicians who I would trust with my life!  


Philip Waldman at Chelsea Natural Health 

Philip Waldman is the owner of Chelsea Natural Health clinic and my personal Osteopath.  As a local practitioner to my home I am always recommending his treatment to clients if they are close by.  Many of my clients have said he has magic hands!  He is truly gifted.


Karen Maidment at Pure Body Balance 

Karen Maidment is a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist and is my go-to girl for all the inner workings of the body.  Karen provides a comprehensive assessment of the digestive and hormone systems and helps you heal your insides with anti-inflammatory nutrition.  She has also written a book called Meals that Heal which I have found invaluable.  If you need any kind of nutritional support I highly recommend Karen - she does much of her work by Skype so don't let her home town of Cheltenham put you off!


Richard Skudder at Pure Sports Medicine in Kensington

ure Sports Med Richard Skudder is the Osteopath at Pure Sports Medicine Kensington and specialises in the biomechanical aspects of human movement, injury prevention and injury recovery.  Richard helped me overcome my elbow tendonitis last year - a great practitioner.

Avni Trevedi at Avni Touch in North London specialises in women's and paediatric healthcare.  Avni sees many women while they are trying to conceive, during their pregnancy and when the baby arrives often treats both mother and child.



Joanne Halstead is a remedial sports massage therapist working from practices in Mayfair and Shoreditch.  She works with clients who need regular release work as a result of their sports and the stresses of every day life.  Joanne comes highly recommended by me personally as I've hugely benefited from her treatments.

Fabs Massage Fabian Adami is a remedial sports massage therapist who has worked with Precision Movement clients to assist in their recovery from injury.  He often works with rugby players.  Having received treatment from him on a number of occasions I can highly recommend him.  Fabian works in Putney and also offers a mobile service - visiting you at home which comes in very handy for us time poor busy folk!


Fitness Adventure Travel 

Rob Tynan's company, Fitness Adventure Travel provide bespoke fitness travel life changing experiences.  I am due to lead a trip to Vietnam this year for F.A.T and I highly advocate setting yourself a challenge like this and gearing your training towards it.  Life is for enjoyment, adventure and experience, and if your training can support this then all the better!


Florence Parot

Florence Parot is a Sophrologist specialising in sleep and burnout.  As you know I for me sleep is an essential foundation of health and wellness. It's where we heal and recover both mentally.  For those really struggling with the quality and quantity of their sleep Florence can help you.  As a former corporate ladder climber Florence knows how burnout starts, what it feels like and how to recover from a total crash.  


Be Sophro 

Be Sophro is owned by Dominique Antiglio a sophorologist who specialises in birth preparation, stress management and preparation for special events.  Sophrology combines gentle movements, visualisation and meditative practices which make it a comprehensive system for mental and emotional support and rebalance.

In summary, at Precision Movement we are specialists in movement - in rehabilitation and strength conditioning.  We also highly advocate optimising all areas of your health and well-being and that's why we have picked these specialists for you should you ever need their assistance.





The work-in is the new workout

8-25th feb.jpg

It's 6 weeks into 2015 and typically many of us are still going crazy in the gym, spin studio, HIIT studio or whatever new thing you've nominated to change your body in 12 weeks that you pray lasts the other 9 months of the year.  Around about this time, you are probably starting to think this beginning of the year body transformation is a big commitment, perhaps a bit too big for your social life and more importantly your energy levels and your happiness.  This weeks blog post champions the work-in - the chilled out exercise choice that makes you feel good without draining your energy and spirit which often leads to giving up and/or burnout.


The stress state

The body is always trying to maintain equilibrium, balance or the science term - homeostasis.  In the autonomic nervous system you have the sympathetic and parasympathetic states.  In a  sympathetic state the body sends out breakdown hormones - a typical example of this is when you do high intensity exercise.  Don't worry this is good because by breaking down your muscles you encourage them to rebuild and adapt to the stress you put them under. You also induce a sympathetic state when you are stressed - mental or emotional, physical, nutritional, environmental, chemical.  If you put your body in a sympathetic state too much from work, life and exercise you'll pull yourself out of balance and this leads to burnout - mentally and physically.


The chillout state

In a parasympathetic state the body sends out repair hormones to mend damage you've incurred throughout the day as well as helping you digest food and helping you sleep.  This state is as important to your health as the sympathetic high energy state.  It is possible to spend too much time in a parasympathetic state which makes you feel lethargic and apathetic and an energetic uplifting workout can help lift you up out of this.  Generally though, we spend more time in a sympathetic state because of the busy demanding lives we lead.  What is most important here is balance. - both the sympathetic and parasympathetic states are important and through movement we can induce both.


The work-in solution

There are exercise choices that induce a parasympathetic state.  It's really important to balance out your high intensity fat burning, fitness increasing workouts with the reparative recovery work-ins.  I know at the beginning of the year you might be keen to get yourself in the best shape of your life and I am all for that - really I am.  However, I don't see getting fit as a January to March thing.  I see getting fit and maintaining fitness, health and wellness as a life thing.  Life is an endurance race not a sprint.  Balancing out your workouts and work-ins may mean your goal may take a bit longer but it will be a happier experience getting there, you'll be able to maintain it for longer (I am hoping for life) and your chances of burning out will be much reduced.


How to structure your workouts and work-ins

At Precision Movement we recommend our clients participate in 2-3 high intensity (between 70-90% of your max effort) 40-60 minute workouts a week.  Good workouts I endorse are strength training, functional circuit training, modified strongman, spinning, cycling or running.

Then we recommend balancing that out with 1-2 work-ins such as hatha or kundalini yoga, a gentle swim, a walk in the country, tai chi or a good old movement meditation session.

When our clients go through through more stressful times we switch them to 2-3 work-ins and 1-2 workouts.  For very stressful times opt for the work-ins only.  Work-in movement helps to relieve stress if it is done in a gentle and reparative way without adding to your stress. 

A week in the life of a Personal Fitness Trainer

Precision Movement's KT reveals a week in her life of training and nutrition over a week
Precision Movement's KT reveals a week in her life of training and nutrition over a week

When I'm out socially I always get asked what I think about the latest fitness fad or have I tried this or that.  There is also a general interest in how I personally stay fit followed by the inevitable "Oh well that's your job so you have to be that fit and I can't possibly do that because...." remark.  Then I get questions about what I eat and how I cheat eat.  In response to these repeated questions, and for the interest of all you avid readers here is a week in the life of me, KT, fitness enthusiast, business owner and general all-round cool fitchick!


Today is a busy day.  I'm up early.  I'm not good in the morning so I've prepared some hard boiled eggs and fruit to eat on my way over to my first client at 7am.  I have a break at 1030am and have drunk half of my 2L bottle of water already.  I am keen to prep my body for my first workout of the day, a short 5k run.  I'm working on running this distance as fast as I can for my boxing training.  It takes about 22-25 mins - very easy to slot into the day.  I'm lucky that I'm near a park so I can get a hit of sunshine and fresh air too.  Then I settle into some paperwork over lunch - sashimi, salad, edamame and a cup of tea.  I don't drink coffee as it makes me feel anxious and jittery!  I head back for a few more clients and then over to the park again for my boxing session with my trainer. This is hardcore training for 60 mins and I am spent afterwards.  I snack on a banana and nuts and I have a mini bar of organic dark chocolate - I feel like I earned it!  Now I'm on to my second bottle of water.  Evening clients finish my day and then I'm home for a large chicken salad before settling down for bed with my amazing sleep CD.


A later start for me today so I get in a quick 5k run followed by a few sun salutations before a breakfast of sauteed banana in coconut oil, full fat yoghurt, apple and toasted almonds.  It's my choice breakfast of the moment!  I work until lunch and then enjoy an avocado, tomato and feta and steak salad and my ritual cup of tea (you can't take the English out of the girl!).  I again finish my 2L bottle of evian and start the next.  After early evening clients I snack on strawberries and cheese sticks and rush over to TriYoga Chelsea for my kundalini yoga class with Amir Jaan.  It's more meditative than movement based which helps me clear my mind.  Dinner is a simple turkey salad with sauteed sweet potatoes. I'm in bed for 11pm - a late one for me and I know I'll feel it the next day!


Early start again and I miss breakfast!  I pick up a tea and an Eat Natural bar on the way over to my first client.  An hour later I am starving and I'm lucky I have time to fuel myself properly for the day.  I head over to Pret a Manger for my emergency meal - hard boiled eggs with spinach and a green smoothie.  I work until 1130am and then I do my first workout 40 mins of HIIT (high intensity interval training).  It's brutal but I feel energised afterwards and immediately refuel with lunch.  I am working late tonight so I try to keep the rest of my afternoon relaxed.  Everyone thinks I have an easier job than working in an office.  I work a similar number of hours they are just the reverse of yours which means before or after work you get to come and see me!  I have a few meetings and catch up with a friend and then I'm back to work.  I finish at 9pm which means a late dinner and I'm starving from my HIIT workout today.  I make myself a quick lamb and veggie stir fry with cashews cooked in coconut oil, hold the sauce.  Most sauces have gluten in and I'm intolerant!  Late to bed and I fall asleep before my sleep CD is done.


By Thursday I am feeling the week.  I start later today so I take a mini lie-in and get my 5k out of the way.  It's slow but I am pleased to have done it.  I have a breakfast of eggs and salad and a cup of tea.  I give in to temptation and have a few gluten free Jaffa cakes - my latest weakness.  I think it's because I am tired that I am craving a little sugar.  You see, even fit girls like me eat processed foods from time to time.  I just make sure I enjoy them!  I work until 2pm and then have a lunch of salmon with vegetables.  I sit down to do paperwork and digest and then a few hours later I do my 40 minute HIIT workout.  I'm back at work until 8pm.  Dinner is left over salmon with salad.  I'm in bed by 10pm.


Early start for the end of the week and I take my eggs and fruit with me to eat on the way.  I have an early lunch of sushi and salad at 12 as I finish by 2pm and I want to go for my 5k run immediately.  Sometimes if I have been super organised take a little nap but more often than not I am finishing up paperwork, replying to emails - all the business stuff that needs to get done.  Late afternoon I usually get in a 40 minute HIIT workout and follow that with dinner - either out with friends or at home.  By Friday I nearly always feel the need to reward myself so I enjoy some dark organic chocolate or a small tub of vanilla icecream. I get to bed early because I have an early start.


I see clients on Saturday mornings so I have another early start.  I manage to toast a slice of sunflower rye bread and slather it with almond butter, banana and strawberries and wash it down with a cup of tea.  By midday I'm done for the week.  I go to Wholefoods for lunch and choose my all time favourite Mum's homemade Chicken Soup - a large one!  By mid afternoon I am ready for my second 60 minute boxing session of the week.  For dinner I'm out with friends when I eat whatever I feel like.  Generally I don't feel like dessert but if I do I'll have ice-cream.  I have two vodka soda's with lime slices rather than the lime cordial which is just sugar and flavourings.  If I am in the mood I might have 2 glasses of wine instead but when I am in serious training like now I keep it clean.  It's a late night but I know I have a huge lie-in coming tomorrow. 


Sunday is my day.  I lie-in until 10am and potter around the house doing chores and I make brunch - usually a cheese and veggie omlette.  If I'm feeling energised I'll do a 5k run around midday.  My favourite part of Sundays is Kundalini Yoga with Amir Jaan mid afternoon.  More often than not I'll take a fresh smoothie afterwards that they make on site at TriYoga Chelsea.  Late in the afternoon I'll either totally chill or if I feel like it I walk my friends dog, Lola, who is full of energy.  She reminds me to be more dog!  I finish out the week with a healthy homemade bolognese meat sauce which I have with heaps of green veggies.  Sometimes I knit or read on Sunday evenings or watch a movie.  I really try to rest my body and brain in preparation to do it all over again! 

Let's break it down

So there you have it - that's my week.  You'll notice that I workout twice most days but the total time is not more than an hour.  I break it up because of my time restraints and also it means I can work at a higher intensity which is more effective for metabolism and decreases the risk of adrenal and immune depression.

You'll also notice that the key to my diet is organisation.  I know what time I have and where I will be and I have healthy emergency back ups.  My food prep is minimal.  I personally like to prepare my meals fresh rather than cooking for a few days but I have several friends who do this and it works just as well. 

You may have also noticed that I try to balance my high intensity work with my more gentle yoga and working-in workouts.  If you just go crazy all the time it exhausts you mentally and physically and its not good for your adrenals or immune system.

Lastly, notice how I have moments of tiredness and sometimes I eat sugar and processed foods.  I am human!  I might have great biceps and abs but I still indulge regularly.  One reason for working out is that I can indulge and still look great but it's a reason that comes near the bottom of my list.  The main reason I workout is because it makes me feel GREAT and I perform better in all areas of my life when I train regularly.

So for those of you who wanted to know what my life is like there you are.  I welcome comments and questions on Facebook.  If you would like to find out more about how I can help you manage your health and fitness then please contact me at and visit the webiste at