My top 5 World Ski Championship skiing exercises

Two days ago the 2015 World Skiing Championships in Vail/Beaver Creek, Colarado commenced!  I have to confess I am more of a boarder myself but I do love a good skiing competition.  Vail Beaver Creek will not disappoint.  With gradients between 46% (24.8 degrees) - 68% (32.3 degrees) and top speeds of up to 130km/hr this is not a sport for the faint hearted.  Top athletes in recent years include Elizabeth Gorgl who won the downhill and super G and Ted Ligety who won the giant slalom in 2011, and with other big names like Aksel Lund Svindal who has won medals in 4 consecutive championships and up and coming talent like Lindsay Vonn and Tina Maze it is set to be a competition not to miss!  You can watch coverage from the UK on British Eurosport.          


If you are not yet excited about the champs then watch this video below.  I dare you not to get excited!  Also, check out the extreme body positions these athletes reach which leads me on to my treat for this week.


These are my top 5 skiing preparation exercises if you are hitting the slopes this year.

TRx single leg squat

Bosu squat with medicine ball on chest

SB jacknife

Kneeling woodchop down

SB hamstring curl

Check out my video below on the how to's and how oftens and definitely let me know how you get on both in the gym and on the slopes.  Happy skiing and enjoy the World Champs!