Precision Movement's top 5 Beach body tips


As summer approaches fitness is often geared to getting that enviable bikini body once again.  Here are Precision Movement's top tips for getting beach body ready and if you need any help we'd be more than happy to get you in shape with our super fun, challenging and ever changing workouts!  

1.  You are what you eat

Eat from the earth - a combination of meat, fish, fresh vegetables, fruits and good fats such as coconut oil and olive oil.  If you are looking to lean out cut out dairy products.  Monitor your alcohol intake and stay away from any processed boxed and packaged foods and any excess sugar. If you have food intolerances eliminate these foods.    Drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day minimum.

2.  Foundational fitness 

I recommend full body functional strength training workouts to serve as your base fitness - which may include the use of weights, swiss ball, kettlebells, powerbags, battling ropes, medicine balls etc.  This type of exercise is full of variation to keep you consistently challenged and engaged.  Not only will these workouts keep you fit but they will serve your movement in every day life, make you strong, protect your bone density, raise our metabolism, burn fat efficiently and give you optimal mental and emotional health.

3.  Clip your cardio

Keep cardio to 40 minutes maximum - beyond that you tend to exhaust your resources with little to no increase in fitness.  If you feel this is not enough then up your intensity (eg. run faster).  Intensity in the key variable in increasing fitness and efficiency of calorie burn not duration.  I advise my clients to do their cardio socially - arrange a bike ride with friends, run with your business partner, or go rollerblading with your kids.  Then it doesn't feel like such hard work and you can get a natural pre-vacation tan!  

3.  Mini workouts for the extra bits 

For the summer we all have bits of our body that we want to work on.  I give my clients bespoke 'mini workouts' that I include at the end of the session to focus on specific areas like the abdominals, the arms and the butt.  You can also do the mini workout a few times a day in the lead up to your vacation.  Make sure you get advice on the 'mini workout' to make sure you don't over do it!

4.  Mindful Exercise 

If you are thinking about your shopping list or what you need to do when you get home during your workout you will not benefit as much as if you really focus on what you are doing.  Knowing why you are doing something, what muscles you should and shouldn't be feeling and using the cues your trainer or instructor is giving you make all the difference in changing your body.  Focus on your body during your workout.

5. I want... I want...

Keep the goal at the forefront of your mind during your workouts - whether it is to get a super sleek bikini body, trek to the top of a mountain or gain a new personal best in triathlon.  This helps to motivate you when the going gets tough and you are much more likely to achieve your goal if you keep reminding yourself what it is! 

So now you know how to achieve the ultimate beach body for 2014 go forth and work it and if you need a little motivation and guidance then

Contact Me!