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Photo by Bruno Nascimento via, edited by KT  

Photo by Bruno Nascimento via, edited by KT  

It's good to start as you mean to go on!  As part of the on going development of Precision Movement I am pleased to introduce our new packages as follows:


Precision Foundations 

Precision Foundations is a package specifically designed for injury recovery, post surgery, and chronic pain management. We help you lay the foundations of optimal  postural alignment, joint mobility and stability to enable you to recover, move better and reduce pain. We believe at Precision Movement that alignment, stability, mobility and movement, as well as the process you undergo whilst improving these elements, are the basis for a strong, healthy, pain free and functional body. In the words of Erika Oppenheimer, "without a solid foundation, you'll have trouble creating anything of value". Foundations is a 12 week programme to ensure you get the consistency your body needs for healing, recovery and change. 


Precision Recalibrate 

Precision Recalibrate is specially designed for individuals who are interested in learning the foundational principles of Movement to protect the body from injury and serves as a base for any exercise system such as crossfit or yoga, martial arts or team sports. We recalibrate your alignment, and help you identify what good alignment feels like in your own body. We then apply these alignment principles to all functional Movement patterns, gradually challenging your strength and other fitness capabilities. This programme is perfect for non-injured individuals who engage in exercise and sports and really care about their body and would like to keep it healthy and functional for as long as possible. Recalibrate is a 12 week programme to ensure your body and brain learn the foundations well enough to apply to anything. 


Precision Movement At Home 

This year Precision Movement is introducing its home service. I often work with post-surgical and elderly patients for whom travelling to the studio is not an option. I'll create a rehab studio within the comfort of your own home, creating programmes that gently condition the body and mind back to function for every day tasks such as walking and stair climbing. I'll often work in conjunction with other medical specialists who are involved in your recovery. Sessions are always full of stories and joyful laughter without taking the focus away from your continual progress. 


Precision Quarterly MOT

Just like a car, or when you visit the dentist for a check up, you should check in to make sure your postural alignment, movement, exercise programmes are all still serving you. That's what our Quarterly MOT -Q4- is for. Remember you're an ever changing being... your movement and exercise needs should reflect this.  Q4 will give you three 1-hour sessions to upgrade your current exercise programme and includes a comprehensive exercise programme guide with which to leave with. Your technique will be recalibrated, to remind your body of it's optimal alignment and movement patterns. This is a follow on programme from Precision Foundations and Precision Recalibrate.


Precision R&R

R&R is our soft tissue and massage service. Massage is an essential part of tissue health, mental emotional well being and is a great complement not only to movement and recovery from illness and injury, but also helps to reduce the stress from our busy London lives. I run a regular clinic for soft tissue therapy at Third Space Spa in Canary Wharf.  To book an appointment with me at a Third Space please call 0207 970 0912. R&R sessions are also available per hour in the comfort of your own home and can be added into the above packages upon request.


My website is being updated this month with all the above new information. But for now, if you or any one you know think you may benefit from any of our programmes then please do email me at


Special offers

Don't forget Precision Movement's special offers to give you that extra incentive to sort out your pain, injury and movement needs.


 Let's get started

If you need a little push to sort out your injury and pain issues this January, how about 25% off your first assessment with us? Includes 90 min assessment, follow up report emailed direct to you, plan of action and follow up phone call. Offer ends 31 Jan 2017.

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Refer someone new to Precision Movement and we'll gift you 15% off your next bill*. It's good to share 😉


Current clients of Precision Movement - sign up for a new 12 week package before 10th January 2017 and we'll gift you 10% off as a welcome to 2017 from Precision Movement*.


*Only one offer can be applied per transaction so make sure you pick the best one! 😝

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