My 5 recommended Articles on Fitness Nutrition

At Precision Movement, I get asked about what to eat for health, fitness, weight loss and general well-being all the time.  I have had nutrition as a topic to write about on my list for ages.  It is not for lack of knowledge.   The real reason is because I read articles that basically say what I would say and advise.  So, in the spirit of time economy and not being able to do better myself, here are my top recommended 5 articles on nutrition for general health and wellness including my top recommendation for a nutritionist in London who I regularly send my clients to.

You are what you absorb

The phrase you are what you eat is sadly outdated.  It doesn't matter how healthy your diet is unless you are absorbing the nutrients that you are consuming.  One of my favourite bloggers, Mark Sisson, explains why gut bacteria is an essential part of nutrient absorption and how to cultivate good bacteria from nutrition.

16 things that affect your gut bacteria 

Gut health

Another one on the health of your digestive system.  I interviewed my go-to nutrition guru Hannah Richards on why digestive health is the keystone to weight loss and good health.  I send all my fitness, injury and pain clients to Hannah and I only ever get amazing results!

Healing the Inside of You

Protein power!

What with the rise of Paleo eating there has been a real buzz around protein and it's importance in health and wellness as well as sustaining appetite.  Optimal protein intake is imperative if you are wanting to gain muscle mass but it's equally important for recovery from any exercise.  This is an interesting article on the symptoms you can experience from not eating enough protein:

Signs you are not Eating Enough Protein


Fats are always a controversial topic for discussion when it comes to weight loss and health.  I am siding with Johnny Bowden on this one as he discusses the power of coconut oil and how it actually helps you burn fat!

The Benefits of Coconut Oil 

But what should I actually eat?

I know I know its the million dollar question!  Ok here is my favourite list of pre and post workout snacks from  They don't call themselves greatist for nothing!

50 of the Greatist pre and post workout snacks

So now you know what to eat for your workouts and how to get the most out of the food you eat come over to Precision Movement to improve your fitness.  Guaranteed we have a workout to suit you - check out the options here.  Contact KT at