Your free 12 week guide to healing and recovery

I am always looking for ways to make your rehabilitation journey more beneficial so you can  get back to a life of freedom and adventure - the life that you truly want to build, share, cherish and remember.  As a movement specialist I am focussed primarily on the biomechanics of alignment and your movement patterning.  However, I fully appreciate a comprehensive approach to healing and recovery, so I have created a 12 week mailout that helps you address all aspects of your lifestyle during your rehabilitation with Precision Movement.


Star qualities of the 12 week mail out:

* It will keep your mind focussed on your rehabilitation during your 12 week journey 

* You'll get bite sized reading recommendations for your How To Eat Move and Be Healthy book on other areas that contribute to your healing and recovery

* Helpful reminders that you can refer back to on the things I teach you in the studio

* Tonnes more free information in links, books, articles, videos, audio guides and other sources

* Inspiration and motivation for the tough moments! 


This will be available to new clients from September onwards.  However, if you would like to receive the bailout for an added boost to your training and rehabilitation then please sign up HERE.  It will only be available to "oldies" (!) until the end of September 2016 - so sign up to avoid disappointment!

My secret antioxidant loaded winter warmer drink!


I have a secret to tell you... I've been drinking this super amazing antioxidant loaded drink every morning this year.  And it makes me feel super virtuous! So I thought I'd finally share it so you can be virtuous too.  Also it's more of a winter warmer than a spring/summer refresher so it's more apt for October. 


KT's super antioxidant Winter Warmer drink 

juice of 1/2 a lemon 

juice of half a lime  

1/4 teaspoon of Clear Spring matcha green tea powder  

A slither of fresh ginger grated  

2 teaspoons of baobab powder  

manuka honey to taste  

Boil the kettle and place all the ingredients except the honey in a mug. Fill the mug with hot water and stir until all the ingredients are blended nicely. Add making honey to taste.  You're good to go!  I take mine in a KeepCup so I can enjoy on my morning commute :) 



I knew this would catch your attention - everyone loves a freebie, me included. 

I start my year long remedial sports massage course this month. As part of my training I need to log 100 practice hours. So I need willing candidates to practice on... Cue the Freebie! 

I'll be setting up a massage clinic on Friday afternoons in Mayfair from 4-7pm. You can book in for a complimentary 45 min massage by emailing me or Rosie by email or phone. There are only three slots available each week so you'll need to book early.

A small fee of £20 is required to cover the room rental but the actual massage is 100% complimentary. 

If you cannot make Friday afternoons I may do some extra appointments but they will be scheduled around my working week and cannot be substituted for regular training sessions. 

Practicing complimentary massage with KT will be available from September 25th 2015 - June 24th 2016 excluding all holidays and subject to my availability.  For more information on scheduling please speak with Rosie or myself.

Form an orderly queue.... :) 


Your last quarter goals for 2015!


I'm a bit nervous about writing this blog. When you write about accountability you really need to be accountable yourself right? I can't believe it's almost the end of 2015. As I get older I begin to get quite panicky about how quickly life passes particularly when it comes to business development and growth. The point of all this is to expose my goals for 2015 to you all again and find out what I have done already and what still needs to be done, in the hopes it will spark some inspiration in you all about what you still have left to do for 2015. 


My 2015 goals - recap 



I've read 8 books this year so I'm on track with that! Check out my top 4 summer reading recommendations here. 



My Meditation practice is going ok. I do an average of 3 meditations a week which is better than any other year I've tried. Now I know when I need a meditative time out to rest my brain and quiet the noise. I'd love to do meditation every day so I'll definitely make a bigger effort for the last part of the year.  I've been accepted on to a 10 Vipassana silent meditation retreat in October where I'll be meditating all day so I'll make up for lost time then! 


Gratitude journal 

The Gratitude journal is something I do every day. I've only missed a few days this year. It's probably the best goal I've ever set myself. It's easy to complain about what we don't have but really we are so lucky. Expressing gratitude for what we have puts us in a wonderfully productive mindset too! 


Time outs 

I did go away early in the year to Prague which I really enjoyed. I also took a staycation in late July to enjoy London and then took a trip to Sicily in mid-August. And as mentioned above I'm doing the silent retreat in October for 10 days. I'm giving myself bonus points for time out I've taken already this year. I find it really hard to do! 


Selfless service  

I had planned to produce a free eBook this year which is not yet completed but other freebies are coming in the last quarter of the year which I'll reveal in the next couple of blogs.  I am also working on an outreach project which I'll be talking more about in 2016.... Watch this space! 



My sports massage course is booked and I've added A-level biology which I need for planned study later on. I also added in a Japanese language course over the summer. Konnichiwa! Ogenki desuka? 😉



The Vietnam trip will not happen for me this year. I've been so busy with work that I've not been able to recruit a sufficient number of people to come with me. Maybe next year... 

I bought my bike in January and I've been cycling with my Dad 4 times this year. Not quite every month but better than nothing at all! 

So as you can see, I'm as human as you. Some goals I've done well with, others not so much. I am really happy about the reading, meditation and gratitude journal. But I can tell you, if I hadn't set any of these goals I probably wouldn't have achieved much this year! 

Anyway, my point of sharing this is for you to check in with your own goals for 2015. What do you still have left to do this year? It's ok if your goals have changed and it's also ok if you haven't achieved some things you wanted to. Don't give yourself a hard time. Evaluate objectively - perhaps it was unrealistic for this year, look at the deep rooted motivation for your goals. What can you still do in 2015?  


My closing message is - just do it. You cannot live 2015 over again. So if there are still goals to achieve this last quarter then do it.  That's what helps you grow and makes your life interesting and enjoyable. 

Precision Movement's inspiring summer book recommendations


As many of you will remember I set myself some pretty hefty goals this year.  One of them was to read a book a month. I haven't quite stuck to this time frame but I have read 6 books this year so far! :) 


I try to think of many random ways I help make life a little easier for you all. So at this critical time of year when you are packing for your vacation and you realise you haven't got a book to read on the beach I have put together a list of my top four reads from this year so far. Now you can't say I don't look out for you all... ;p Without further ado my four hand picked book recommendations for summer 2015...


Winning Without Losing by Martin Bjergegaard

Probably the best business book I've ever read. Martin interviewed many of the top entrepreneurs on the planet asking them how they find and maintain what he calls the new dual optimum (a fancy phrase for the more globally recognised "work/life balance"). Hugely inspiring, with some great instant take-aways and broken into manageable chunks so you can read a chapter then take a dip in the pool, read a chapter then go for lunch. I'd recommend it if you need to recharge your business brain. 


13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do by Amy Morin 

Amy has a brilliant personal story to tell about her hardships and how she overcame them by NOT doing what mentally strong people DON'T do. If you're feeling a bit beaten up right now then this is a good booster for the spirit and the soul.  


When I Stop Talking You'll Know I'm Dead by Jerry Wientraub 

For a lighter story that reads more like a novel try Weintraub's life story of becoming a self-made man in Hollywood. With anecdotes about Sinatra, Elvis and a host of celebrities and musicians it's an engaging and fantastical story of a man who has lived what seems like a charmed life but he's worked his absolute socks off for.  I love his chutzpah - every good business person needs that! 


 The Road to Character by David Brooks

This is my most recent read.  I actually went to see David being interviewed in May which was a real treat.  This book is all about cultivating the eulogy virtues. We're pretty good at the CV virtues but perhaps not so focussed on the virtues that develop our character - such as bravery, kindness and selflessness. David takes 9 inspiring people from history who have made a difference to the world with their strength of character. He explores their lives and how they developed their eulogy virtues.  It's a beautiful and humbling read - good for an ego check! 


For those of you who are jetting off for the summer I wish you happy travels. Be safe. Make memories. Enjoy every moment. I'll still be posting so keep reading and read a book or two - it's really good for relieving stress! 


How to detox your whole life

It's that time of year when the word detoxification is in every conversation you have.  And I had the great privilege of being asked by Men's Esquire to advise on detoxification which you can read below.

If you are going to start afresh with anything it makes sense to start at the beginning of the new year.  Let me know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter!  

Jump off a mountain with me in Vietnam this year

Yes it's true, but the time 2015 is out I will have jumped off a mountain - hopefully still alive to tell the tale!  Fitness Adventure Travel have asked me top lead a trip to Vietnam this year combining the breathtaking natural beauty of the country with the excitement of adventure fitness.


What are we doing?

The trip combines paragliding, trekking, cycling, kayaking and rock climbing and I'm sure you'll get a few KT workouts thrown in for good measure!  If  you have never done these sports before that's ok, because we'll have local guides and experts teaching us.


Why are we doing it?

Hmmm let's rephrase - why wouldn't you do this?  For me this is the perfect vacation (and let's not talk about how you think I'm not normal!).  Not only do you get to explore the rural beauty, culture and local gastronomy of this fascinating country, you also get to experience truly exciting adventure sports and stay active and healthy throughout the trip.  You'll get an aerial view from paragliding, you'll see much more from cycling through Vietnam than walking and you'll travel on the waters by kayaking too.


When is my rest?

I know some of you will be wondering about when your rest and recovery will come.  Isn't that what vacation is for?  Well, there will be plenty of rest from the activities we'll do and I stand firmly by my thinking that a change is as good as a rest.  I'm not someone who can sit on a beach for two weeks doing nothing.  For me a rest from my London life is doing something different, exciting and focussing my mind completely on a new activity.  It gives my brain a real from normal life and for me this is a perfect rest.  I'm sure of you try it you'll find the same result!

Also, I get an influx of people through my clinic doors complaining of aches and pains because they haven't moved for two weeks on their beach vacation.  It's better to put some movement in your vacations and this is the ultimate opportunity.


Spice up your life!

And lastly, it gives you something exciting and different to train for and something to look forward to.  You'll need to make sure you have a strong foundation of full body core stability, endurance and strength to enjoy these sports with minimal risk of injury.


When are we going?

Fitness Adventure Travel have the following dates available:

24th April - 3rd May 

15th - 25th May 

21st - 31st Aug 

26th Sept -6th Oct 

Don't worry if those dates are not suited to you.  Fitness Adventure Travel have said that for me and my lovely tribe they are happy to move dates and add dates so you don't miss out.  How cool is that?   Personally I'm favouring an October trip... 

Fitness Adventure Travel also design bespoke trips to far flung places in the world for a truly unique and memorable adventure experience.  Contact them with your wild and crazy ideas and watch them become a reality.  Remember you only get one life - make the most of every second!


Who's going?

You're going!  Well I hope you'll come with me - I'll be leading the trip so you'll be in safe hands.  It's open to anyone who would like to go - you, your friends, family etc and you can find out more information on how to book by visiting the F.A.T. website.

My personal goals for 2015

In true KT style I thought I'd share my goals with you for 2015 because I know once I commit them to the world you will all hold me accountable. I truly believe life is about self-mastery - about learning and experiencing as much as possible in the short time we have.  It's also about trying to maintain balance which is my life long lesson!  So I make goals for all areas of my life and I would encourage you to do this as well.  Read on to find out what I'll be achieving in 2015...


This year I have a few lifestyle goals.  I am notoriously known for overworking so I will earnestly address this in 2015 - notice how I put this top of my list - see I am learning slowly but surely!  Firstly, I've started a daily gratitude journal along with all my clients at Precision Movement who got a gratitude journal as a New Years gift from me so I will fill this out every morning and evening.  Secondly, I am firmly focussed on meditating every day whether it's a 10 minute headspace or a 90 minute kundalini class.  Thirdly, I will take regular breaks from work either on vacation or just resting.  And number four is to try to read one book a month either for work, business or for pleasure.  I love reading and I haven't been doing enough of it.  Recommendations are warmly welcomed - please send to



2015 will be a transformative year for Precision Movement.  I don't want to reveal anything as much of it depends on the decisions of others.  Having said that, of my big goals is to have a sidekick - someone that will make Precision Movement greater than just me and my lovely irreplaceable PA Rosie!  Please send resumes to - only those who aspire to greatness need apply!

Another important goal for me in the business this year is to be able to give something for free.  I am working on an ebook that will be downloadable free from my website.  It's all part of my new manifesto 'selfless service' - more on that below.



This year, amoung many short courses I will be starting a sports massage course in September.  It's a year long and will prepare me for my 2016 goal of starting a Masters degree in Physiotherapy.  From September onwards I'll be required to do 100 hours of practice massage as part of gaining my qualification - treats for clients of Precision Movement!



2015 sees the start of an exciting addition to KT's life!  I have been asked by Fitness Adventure Travel to lead a trip to Vietnam where I'll be cycling, paddle boating and paragliding over 10 days.  More about this in a future blog post.  So my first big fitness goal this year is to get over my fear of jumping off a mountain so I can lead the trip with confidence.  Like I say to my clients - 'if I can't do it you sure as hell won't do it will you!"  The second one is to buy a bike and go cycling with my Dad in the country at least once a month. 



This year I'll be working with a functional diagnostic nutritionist.  It's true I am a healthy person and I know a fair amount about what to eat.  And every few years I like to check in with a specialist for a clean up and to refocus myself.  I'll be blogging about my experience later in the year and if you would like a recommendation check out our Partners page here.


KT's Quotes for the year:

1.  You can't gain back time - so make the most of every single moment you have!

2.  "If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself, if you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself.  Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation" Lao Zsu.

3.  Selfless service - serve from a place of love without expecting anything back.  It will come back in many ways

4.  Great things never come from comfort zones

So there you have it - what KT will do in 2015.  It will be interesting to look back in 12 months time and see what happened.  I am excited though.  I hope it spurs you to make your own goals for 2015 and I am sure you'll all have inordinate amounts of fun holding me accountable to what I have said I will do. BRING IT with bells on ;D


Make sure you read next weeks blog post where I share some exciting press coverage!  Yes that's right, KT and Precision Movement are getting out there.  Next step world domination ;

The top 6 Precision Movement articles of 2014

Precision Movement's top 5 articles on 2014
Precision Movement's top 5 articles on 2014

In my last post of 2014 I'd like to share with the most popular posts of 2014.  Wishing you all a wonderful seasonal break whether you are staying home with family or travelling to a warmer destination for some winter sun - be safe, take care of your body, rest and rejuvenate and I'll see you back here in 2015 for more amazing information and top tips to keep you healthy, happy and on top of your fitness game!  For now here are the top 5 articles of 2014 (plus a photo based one for those of you who prefer images!).

In top place was the article I wrote on how Corrective Exercise differs from Regular Exercise.  This doesn't surprise me as it's the question I get asked the most!

How Corrective Exercise Differs from Regular Exercise

A close second was the case study on Mr G - I have to say the before and after photos are awesome!

The case of the Wonky Man who Became Straight

The top interview article was with Hannah Richards, nutritionist at MoveThreeSixty.  Hannah sees most of my clients for any an all nutritional needs.

Healing the Inside of You

Many of you enjoyed Precision Movement's new look photo article - I mean who doesn't love a make over?  For those of you who missed it or just want a visual story then this ones for you!

Precision Movement's makeover - we've got YOUR workout!

The most popular article I wrote for BOE magazine was my top ten tips for the best nights sleep.  Personally I am very passionate about sleep and it's imperative for good healing and recovery from injury.

10 Top Tips for the Best Night's Sleep

And lastly, my favourite article to write this year was about how Movement is the Foundation of Career Success and it is one of the most read articles on BOE Magazine!  Which is truly is!

Movement is the Foundation of your Career Success

Happy re-reading and have a wonderful Christmas season - warmest wishes KT at Precision Movement.  If you are already thinking that your 2015 goal is to get fitter, manage that injury or back pain, get that ballet body you've always wanted or kick the hell out of something to the best shape of your life then contact me at and lets have a chat about your fitness plan for 2015.

A week in the life of a Personal Fitness Trainer

Precision Movement's KT reveals a week in her life of training and nutrition over a week
Precision Movement's KT reveals a week in her life of training and nutrition over a week

When I'm out socially I always get asked what I think about the latest fitness fad or have I tried this or that.  There is also a general interest in how I personally stay fit followed by the inevitable "Oh well that's your job so you have to be that fit and I can't possibly do that because...." remark.  Then I get questions about what I eat and how I cheat eat.  In response to these repeated questions, and for the interest of all you avid readers here is a week in the life of me, KT, fitness enthusiast, business owner and general all-round cool fitchick!


Today is a busy day.  I'm up early.  I'm not good in the morning so I've prepared some hard boiled eggs and fruit to eat on my way over to my first client at 7am.  I have a break at 1030am and have drunk half of my 2L bottle of water already.  I am keen to prep my body for my first workout of the day, a short 5k run.  I'm working on running this distance as fast as I can for my boxing training.  It takes about 22-25 mins - very easy to slot into the day.  I'm lucky that I'm near a park so I can get a hit of sunshine and fresh air too.  Then I settle into some paperwork over lunch - sashimi, salad, edamame and a cup of tea.  I don't drink coffee as it makes me feel anxious and jittery!  I head back for a few more clients and then over to the park again for my boxing session with my trainer. This is hardcore training for 60 mins and I am spent afterwards.  I snack on a banana and nuts and I have a mini bar of organic dark chocolate - I feel like I earned it!  Now I'm on to my second bottle of water.  Evening clients finish my day and then I'm home for a large chicken salad before settling down for bed with my amazing sleep CD.


A later start for me today so I get in a quick 5k run followed by a few sun salutations before a breakfast of sauteed banana in coconut oil, full fat yoghurt, apple and toasted almonds.  It's my choice breakfast of the moment!  I work until lunch and then enjoy an avocado, tomato and feta and steak salad and my ritual cup of tea (you can't take the English out of the girl!).  I again finish my 2L bottle of evian and start the next.  After early evening clients I snack on strawberries and cheese sticks and rush over to TriYoga Chelsea for my kundalini yoga class with Amir Jaan.  It's more meditative than movement based which helps me clear my mind.  Dinner is a simple turkey salad with sauteed sweet potatoes. I'm in bed for 11pm - a late one for me and I know I'll feel it the next day!


Early start again and I miss breakfast!  I pick up a tea and an Eat Natural bar on the way over to my first client.  An hour later I am starving and I'm lucky I have time to fuel myself properly for the day.  I head over to Pret a Manger for my emergency meal - hard boiled eggs with spinach and a green smoothie.  I work until 1130am and then I do my first workout 40 mins of HIIT (high intensity interval training).  It's brutal but I feel energised afterwards and immediately refuel with lunch.  I am working late tonight so I try to keep the rest of my afternoon relaxed.  Everyone thinks I have an easier job than working in an office.  I work a similar number of hours they are just the reverse of yours which means before or after work you get to come and see me!  I have a few meetings and catch up with a friend and then I'm back to work.  I finish at 9pm which means a late dinner and I'm starving from my HIIT workout today.  I make myself a quick lamb and veggie stir fry with cashews cooked in coconut oil, hold the sauce.  Most sauces have gluten in and I'm intolerant!  Late to bed and I fall asleep before my sleep CD is done.


By Thursday I am feeling the week.  I start later today so I take a mini lie-in and get my 5k out of the way.  It's slow but I am pleased to have done it.  I have a breakfast of eggs and salad and a cup of tea.  I give in to temptation and have a few gluten free Jaffa cakes - my latest weakness.  I think it's because I am tired that I am craving a little sugar.  You see, even fit girls like me eat processed foods from time to time.  I just make sure I enjoy them!  I work until 2pm and then have a lunch of salmon with vegetables.  I sit down to do paperwork and digest and then a few hours later I do my 40 minute HIIT workout.  I'm back at work until 8pm.  Dinner is left over salmon with salad.  I'm in bed by 10pm.


Early start for the end of the week and I take my eggs and fruit with me to eat on the way.  I have an early lunch of sushi and salad at 12 as I finish by 2pm and I want to go for my 5k run immediately.  Sometimes if I have been super organised take a little nap but more often than not I am finishing up paperwork, replying to emails - all the business stuff that needs to get done.  Late afternoon I usually get in a 40 minute HIIT workout and follow that with dinner - either out with friends or at home.  By Friday I nearly always feel the need to reward myself so I enjoy some dark organic chocolate or a small tub of vanilla icecream. I get to bed early because I have an early start.


I see clients on Saturday mornings so I have another early start.  I manage to toast a slice of sunflower rye bread and slather it with almond butter, banana and strawberries and wash it down with a cup of tea.  By midday I'm done for the week.  I go to Wholefoods for lunch and choose my all time favourite Mum's homemade Chicken Soup - a large one!  By mid afternoon I am ready for my second 60 minute boxing session of the week.  For dinner I'm out with friends when I eat whatever I feel like.  Generally I don't feel like dessert but if I do I'll have ice-cream.  I have two vodka soda's with lime slices rather than the lime cordial which is just sugar and flavourings.  If I am in the mood I might have 2 glasses of wine instead but when I am in serious training like now I keep it clean.  It's a late night but I know I have a huge lie-in coming tomorrow. 


Sunday is my day.  I lie-in until 10am and potter around the house doing chores and I make brunch - usually a cheese and veggie omlette.  If I'm feeling energised I'll do a 5k run around midday.  My favourite part of Sundays is Kundalini Yoga with Amir Jaan mid afternoon.  More often than not I'll take a fresh smoothie afterwards that they make on site at TriYoga Chelsea.  Late in the afternoon I'll either totally chill or if I feel like it I walk my friends dog, Lola, who is full of energy.  She reminds me to be more dog!  I finish out the week with a healthy homemade bolognese meat sauce which I have with heaps of green veggies.  Sometimes I knit or read on Sunday evenings or watch a movie.  I really try to rest my body and brain in preparation to do it all over again! 

Let's break it down

So there you have it - that's my week.  You'll notice that I workout twice most days but the total time is not more than an hour.  I break it up because of my time restraints and also it means I can work at a higher intensity which is more effective for metabolism and decreases the risk of adrenal and immune depression.

You'll also notice that the key to my diet is organisation.  I know what time I have and where I will be and I have healthy emergency back ups.  My food prep is minimal.  I personally like to prepare my meals fresh rather than cooking for a few days but I have several friends who do this and it works just as well. 

You may have also noticed that I try to balance my high intensity work with my more gentle yoga and working-in workouts.  If you just go crazy all the time it exhausts you mentally and physically and its not good for your adrenals or immune system.

Lastly, notice how I have moments of tiredness and sometimes I eat sugar and processed foods.  I am human!  I might have great biceps and abs but I still indulge regularly.  One reason for working out is that I can indulge and still look great but it's a reason that comes near the bottom of my list.  The main reason I workout is because it makes me feel GREAT and I perform better in all areas of my life when I train regularly.

So for those of you who wanted to know what my life is like there you are.  I welcome comments and questions on Facebook.  If you would like to find out more about how I can help you manage your health and fitness then please contact me at and visit the webiste at

Training Yourself back from Adversity - my True Story

Precision Movement's KT talks about how training brought her back from adversity
Precision Movement's KT talks about how training brought her back from adversity

For those of you who know me I like to keep my personal life well personal.  But today I set a personal precedent and share how I used training to come back from adversity and why it is the healthiest and most positive way to empower yourself when someone or something kicks you down.  Earlier this year I got whacked with the adversity bat.  I'm not going to divulge much further than that as adversity comes in many packages - bereavement, heartbreak, illness, burnout, divorce are the big ones and they can all be as painful as the other.  The one thing they have in common is the ability to knock you sideways, leaving you shocked, stunned, lost, insecure and lacking confidence.  Your friends and family are great and they console and support you as best they can.  But what you really need is a way back up to where you were because you have commitments, a job and people that depend on you functioning and performing well.  The one thing I reach for when I am faced with adversity is training.  I've also got amazing friends who have entered Fitness Modelling competitions and Ironman competitions with the same goal - to train themselves out of adversity.  For me, it serves so many purposes.  Here are the main things that gave me my journey out of adversity back to my amazing energetic and fabulous self and why they played such an important role for me personally.

The Goal 

I felt really lost - like I was spinning which is a common feeling when your whole world is up-ended.  I needed a focus and exercise gave me that.  For an hour each day I was able to switch off my constant chatter and just focus on how it felt to train my body back to my usual fitness level.  I made myself work hard and endure the discomfort and it was mind-numbingly wonderful.  I set myself a very superficial goal which I would never encourage my clients or you to do but I had my reasons and it motivated me.  I wanted a visible six pack in 3 months and I wanted to build a 'suit of armour' with my body.  I knew I had to train very hard to achieve this and I also had to eat a very clean diet.  Once I had established this goal it was easy for me to stick to eating well and training hard.  I wore my best workout outfits for every training session and took photos of my progress periodically for motivation and to see my improvements. 

Training Myself to Sleep

I had a really hard time sleeping for about a month so I couldn't start training right away.  When I finally felt I could start, sleep came so easily and I cannot tell you how much it helped me.  Lack of sleep was slowing the mental and emotional recovery process for me.  Getting back to exercise and exhausting myself helped me sleep better and I was able to begin thinking rationally through the day.  My performance at work got better and this made me feel good.

Empowering Myself

The best part about training myself out of adversity was exercise empowered me.  I chose to focus on high intensity training for short durations.  I wanted to feel invincible.  As I had trained as a boxer years ago I went back to boxing and kickboxing training.  This was an obvious outlet for strong emotions.  As part of my training I also chose the short distance of 5k which I ended up doing every day increasing the speed over this set distance.  I also did a mix of bodyweight and strength training workouts a few times a week.  A certain points I was training twice a day.  After 3 months I was 'fight fit', I had decreased my 5k run by 8 mins and I was ripped!  See the photos below!

Precision Movment's KT shows her fitness results - a great body
Precision Movment's KT shows her fitness results - a great body

The Happy Hormone

Adversity can bring sadness which is a tough one to get through.  Once I began exercising I started to feel less sad and then I started to feel better and it didn't take long before I was experiencing the feelings of happiness again.  This helped me get through my day with more positivity and energy.  I found myself wanting to do activities and spend time with people again.  I quickly realised that sadness was not serving me for my next workout and I got out of the habit of allowing myself to be sad.

The Best Pathway 

There are many choices when it comes to dealing with tough stuff.  Some of us may use alcohol or other state changers to escape and numb tough emotions.  Some of us sink into depression for a while.  You may start comfort eating or not eating enough.  But I hope this personal experience that I've shared with you will inspire you to consider using exercise as a means of recovery from adversity - whether you are going through something now or when it may hit you in the future.  There are so many benefits - you will look and feel better, you'll gain fitness, you'll be healthier, happier, more energised, empowered, confident and life will soon become enjoyable and good again.

Have you trained yourself out of adversity?  Share your story with me on the Precision Movement Facebook page.  Do you need to train yourself out of a tough situation?  Get in contact with me, KT, at  

Precision Movement's makeover - we've got it all!

Precision Movement's new look
Precision Movement's new look

Over the past 9 months Precision Movement has been through big makeover.  We've got a whole new image and some exciting new fitness services to offer you.  There is something for everyone.  So without further ado, please read on to find out more about our new look!...

The new space 

Precision Movement fitness room at Grosvenor House Apartments by Jumeriah Living
Precision Movement fitness room at Grosvenor House Apartments by Jumeriah Living

For those of you who don't already know, Precision Movement is now housed at Grosvenor House Apartments by Jumeirah Living on Park Lane in Mayfair.  Our compact yet open space is perfect for all types of personal training services.  The space is yours for the duration of your session including choice of music and temperature of the room.  Afterwards you can relax in the adjoining spa shower or in the unique atrium restaurant with exclusive access to guests of the hotel and clients of Precision Movement only.

Back and Injury Care 

Precision Movement back and injury care rehabilitative exercise
Precision Movement back and injury care rehabilitative exercise

Precision Movement was founded by KT who is an rehabilitative exercise specialist.  KT works with all types of injuries and back pain problems from post-surgical to non-specific and everything in-between.  She takes a complete approach to uncover the root cause of your discomfort so that you can heal and recover effectively once and for all.  KT begins with a comprehensive assessment to ascertain how you move and what your posture is like and then she works with you to improve alignment, get your muscles to support you optimally to take stress away from areas of discomfort.  Click here for a case study of her work.

 Precision Movement 2 - health fitness and wellness that works!

Precision Movement 2 health fitness and wellness that works
Precision Movement 2 health fitness and wellness that works

Precision Movement 2 is all about possibilities! When you are aligned, stable & strong we ask you one simple question – where do you want to go from here? For us we see your health & fitness possibilities as exponential. We help keep you fit for life, fit for your sport, or fit to look and feel your very best.  We can also train you for an event like a marathon or a triathlon.  We use the most fun and creative fitness methods to keep you entertained and challenged whilst taking the utmost care with your form and alignment.  We like to think we create mini athletes at PM2! Our clients leave feeling satisfied, worked and energised!  

Precision Movement STRETCH 

Precision Movement Stretch dynamic flowing yoga based movement
Precision Movement Stretch dynamic flowing yoga based movement

Precision Movement STRETCH is an interactive flowing yoga inspired workout that takes you through poses to improve balance, flexibility and strength. We’ll also work to your individual fitness needs to address your posture.  It's great if you have just come off a long haul flight and need to get on London time and also great for an after-work work-in.  We’ll create a calm and peaceful environment for your mind to settle and for you to let go of your stress. You’ll leave feeling like a person reborn!  

Precision Movement KICK

Precision Movement boxing and kickboxing training
Precision Movement boxing and kickboxing training

Precision Movement KICK is all about boxing and kickboxing.  KT is a trained boxer and is a big advocate of using a sport to gain and maintain fitness.  Martial arts requires the use of the 8 biomotor abilities that make up fitness which means you'll get a little of everything.  The best part is of course that you get to kid land punch stuff really hard!  It is the best stress management tool I know and it really does get you super fit in a fun and challenging way.

Precision Movement Classique

Precision Movement Classique real ballet training
Precision Movement Classique real ballet training

KT trained and worked as a professional dancer before she got into fitness and injury rehabilitation.  She is a huge fan of teaching people REAL ballet technique not a fitness fad version - the type that actually transforms your body.  You’ll go through the techniques, exercises and mentally challenging routines that professional ballet dancers use to achieve their long lean legs and wash board abdominals without using any weights! You’ll also develop that statuesque posture and grace that makes the room stop and look at you.  If you really want to look like a ballerina then Precision Movement Classique is the workout for you! 

Precision Movement Expecting

Precision Movement expecting pre post natal training
Precision Movement expecting pre post natal training

Precision Movement expecting is a specially designed programme for women to support your movement and body maintenance needs before, during and after your pregnancy. When you are preparing to have a child we’ll create bespoke exercise programmes for you to energise and support your body without exhausting you.  We’ll adapt and modify your exercise programme to your needs at the different stages of pregnancy that will optimise your energy level, support and mobilise your changing body and help you manage healthy weight gain to make you feel positive and comfortable.  We’ll guide you gradually, safely and effectively back to shape. We will give particular attention to the realignment of your posture and the stability of your pelvis and spine through effective core activation and support. So that you can enjoy the first few months with your new arrival and still look and feel amazing!

Your trainer KT - still the same! 

Precision Movement's trainer KT
Precision Movement's trainer KT

Some things never change!  It's true I am still the same just a little older and much much wiser.  And shamelessly proud of Precision Movement's new space and look.  If you haven't visited me recently, please do come over for a tea or a fresh juice and I'll show you around.  Even better, book in for a workout - we've got everything covered now and we'd be delighted to help you with any and all of your fitness endeavours.  Remember you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to stay in the know, motivated and inspired...  Like I said, some things never change!  

Contact KT at and visit the website for more information about how we  can help you more specifically at

Why workouts are the most productive part of my business

KT from Precision Movement
KT from Precision Movement

As a soloprenuer I run all parts of my business - client facing service, marketing, networking, admin, business development and growth.  In order for my business to continue growing I work on all areas.  But if I am totally honest it is my personal workout time that has the most value to my business and here are the reasons why....

Movement is the foundation of career success

I've been looking for concrete evidence of the affect of physical work on career success for a while and a few weeks ago I was given "The Making of a Corporate Athlete", written by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz in The Harvard Business Review back in 2001.  These two extraordinary gentlemen brought an elite athlete preparation and training protocol to CEOs and high level executives to dramatically improve work performance as well as enhance health and happiness in their lives.  

They work to a principle called The High Performance Pyramid.  Their model shows that building on rituals of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components helps CEOs and high level execs excel at peak performance under pressure.  Notice that physical movement is the FOUNDATION!

Effective, vigorous exercise  can promote a sense of emotional well-being which leads to peak mental performance that affirms our purpose for doing what we do and living how we live.

Now the research part is explained I am going to share my personal experience of how my workouts make my business better and how workouts can make your business better too!

Movement triggers my memory

Of late I've been paying attention to my thought processes and what comes to mind during my workouts.  During my rest periods I am often typing furiously on my to do list things I've remembered - emails to follow up with, phone calls I need to make, even things like making a small change to my business card.  Movement triggers my memory and fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it it also lengthens my to do list!

Affirming success stories

As I workout in the space I see clients, certain exercises or pieces of equipment trigger reminders of clients I have worked with or am currently working with.  I am often flooded with thoughts of their progress and achievements.  So even if I'm having a tough day or struggling with something a workout triggers positive affirmations of my work and increases my self efficacy.  What do you do when you're not feeling 100% confidence in your abilities?

The little things

Because exercise puts you in such a great happy state I often think of little extras that my clients could benefit from - books, articles I've read, blogs that I've written that are specific to their needs at the current time.  Even things like art exhibitions or movies I know they might like.  It's the little things that make the difference and I always get these ideas during a workout.  If you are a small to medium size service business you'll know it's the little things that set you apart from your competitors.  Where do you get your little ideas inspiration from?

Onwards and Upwards 

It is when I am running outdoors that I get my big ideas for the future and how to improve my service and client experience.  I let my mind wonder to the future and let my imagination create wild and wonderful plans about where I will be in the next 5 or 10 years.  Some of the ideas are ludicrous but fun to live out anyway and some ideas have made my business better.  Steve Jobs was notorious for scheduling in "thinking time" - time to just think and let the mind create an explore.  Running is my 'thinking time'.  How do you do your big thinking?

Energised and Motivated 

At the end of my workouts I always feel renewed energy and motivation.  I feel like eating a super healthy replenishment meal but most of all I feel like making someone else feel this good.  I am able to promote and influence these feelings in my clients.  How do you motivate and inspire your clients and co-workers?  What makes you feel inspired and ready to work on a project with renewed energy?

So how are you going to make your business more productive?  Movement is a great start!  For more information about how I can help you with your fitness and productivity please

contact me


The back bone of life

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 21.21.53
Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 21.21.53

Last week I was asked to speak at the L Club in on Sloane Street about the importance of the spine for health throughout life.  I thought I would share with you what I shared with the audience of the L Club how your spine develops, what injuries it is most vulnerable to at certain parts during your life and how you can minimise the risk of injury as you age.  If you are tempted to just read what it says under your current age bracket this would be foolish.  Remember what you have done in the past and what you do now will all influence how the spine will respond in later years. Read on to find out more....

0-3 years 

When we are born our spines are curved like a shell.  In the first 2 years up to when we walk we go through huge amounts of development and change in the spine.  We learn how to move it and stabilise it and to sit up, crawl and walk the spine changes alignment.  As we grow our spines take on three curves - cervical, thoracic and lumbar and these curves are responsible for maintaining good posture, keeping our intervertebral discs in place and providing shock absorption.  This is one of the most important developmental stages of our lives and we should never underestimate the value of babies learning to move efficiently and effectively.  The movements and postures that babies learn here serve them for the rest of their lives which means if faulty movements are developed it will affect movement, co-ordination, posture and strength development in later years.

3-21 years

This is the time when we should move and learn sports.  Jumping around and pounding on our bones is the best way to make them dense and strong coupled with a good intake of calcium from leafy greens and vitamin D from the sun as well as good overall nutrition.  Any weight bearing sports are good for bone density development (swimming is a non-weight bearing sport).  Intense learning of sports is not recommended until age 7.  Ideally children should try out lots of different activities.  At age 7 if children show an interest in a particular sport they have enough neural development to learn more intensely.  Children should not lift heavy weights as it can stunt growth.  

21-30 years 

When we get to 21 we have fully grown but we can still increase our bone density.  Bone density is exceptionally important for the prevention of osteoporosis.  Between 30-35 our bones begin ageing and it is no longer possible to increase our bone density - we can only slow the rate of decline.  This is effectively done by weight bearing exercise such as strength training.  The discs between your vertebrae have fluid and a jelly like substance inside which acts as part of the shock absorption I mentioned earlier.  At at 30 our bones cannot get any denser.  From here our bones go through a process of becoming less dense.  

30-45 years 

This is the time when the spine is most vulnerable to disc injuries.  Mostly because of our lifestyles - too much sitting and not enough movement.  Up to age 45 the discs are refilled with fluid each night as part of the recovery process when we sleep.  This is why you are taller in the morning and shorter at night!  One of the reasons why disc injuries happen between 30-45 years is because of years of 'ligamentous creep' the connective tissues in the spine stretching over time to accommodate poor posture.  Ligaments are the strongest structures in our bodies connecting bone to bone and they give our skeleton stability.  Once ligaments are stretched they do not go back to their original length.  Over time, years of time, it makes the spine unstable and then the discs become vulnerable to pressing out on to the nerves.  

45-55 years 

Past 45 the discs begin to dry up and the spine becomes stiffer.  This actually has an advantage as the discs are less prone to pushing out against the nerves because they are less plump.  However, less fluid in the discs means loss of disc height.  Firstly, you lose height which is not so bad.  Secondly, your vertebrae are much closer together so the ligaments become lax and can create instability.  This hinders movement, particularly rotation, and can also lead to bone spurs and stenosis.  

55 onwards 

Depending on what you have done or not done with your body you may experience some pain or injury in your spine as you age - common but not normal issues are osteoporosis, arthritis, spondylitis, ankylosing spondylitis and postural imbalance.  What I always find interesting is that most people as they age will have some sort of disc degeneration but not all suffer with pain from it.  The key here is movement - the more active you are the less likely you are to feel pain.  

The most important point here is what you can do to minimise the risk of injuries and diseases when you are older.  Once you have these issues they can be managed but they are not reversible.

If you want to know more about minimising the risk of spinal complications when you are older or maybe you have a spinal injury that you'd like to know how to manage better then contact me at


Babies can teach us a thing or two about movement


Have you ever watched a baby learning to move?  I think it is possibly one of the most fascinating things in this world.  Babies are hard wired to learn movement and the most amazing thing is they do it by themselves.  We can't teach them because they have not yet developed the communication skills.  They can certainly teach us a thing or too!

What motivates babies to move?

Babies are solely motivated to move by attaining something.  They might want a toy or to get to their Mother.  The need to achieve this is greater than staying put so they figure out with the facilities they have at any given developmental stage how to get to where they want to.  

Sight leads movement

Have you ever noticed that babies only move towards something once they have seen it and they keep looking at the object of their desire until they get it?  It can be behind them but if they can see it their whole body is sent messages to move towards the object of desire.  This mechanism stays with us and vision can be used to rehabilitate muscles that are not firing effectively.  Try it - look towards something behind you and you'll notice your body starts to rotate towards it.  It's a new technique I'll be using going forwards so get your movement goggles on!


Babies will repeat a movement at a particular stage of development over and over again.  It is how they teach themselves unconscious movement and also how the get strong.  It is also why they need so much food and rest because they are moving and learning all the time.  This applies to adults too - especially in a rehabilitative setting.  If you are injured and you need to relearn movement patterns or a better breathing pattern or how to activate your core again it is repetition that is the key to success.  You want these mechanisms to be unconscious.  

Pure movements and postures

If you are looking for perfect posture and pure movement patterns look at babies.  They use the most efficient and effective movement patterns to get them where they want to go.  Have you ever seen a 12 month old in that beautiful primitive squat position?  That is what our squats should look like.  We lose the ability to do this because we stop moving.  

Set for life

The postures and movement patterns that babies develop form the basis for how we will move and function as a child and as an adult.  If faulty postures and patterns develop in this crucial stage they need to be corrected immediately as it can result in problems later in life.

My top 5 reads for chronic back pain sufferers

me with my books
me with my books

I love sharing knowledge!  Which is why I have compiled a list of my top 5 reads for chronic back pain sufferers.  They are all easy to read and most of them have tips and information you can apply immediately.  If you are suffering from chronic back pain and you really want to know what to do about it and how to handle it then read on.... 

1.   Explain Pain by David S Butler and Lorimer Moseley

A comprehensive information packed book that explains how pain comes about and what it means.  Although it's a little pricey I think it is must read for chronic pain sufferers.  

2.  Painful Yarns by Lorimer Moseley

A wonderfully entertaining book that uses the authors personal anecdotes to explain the mechanisms of pain and about taking responsibility for recovery.  

3.  Treat your own back by Robin Mackenzie

This is a good book for anyone with disc prolapse.  It gives easy to understand advice and information and is a great starting point for approaching recovery.

4.  Sitting on the job by Scott L Donkin

This book is a bible of information if you are a desk bound office worker with back pain or any workplace associated injuries such as carpal tunnel or RSI.  

5.  How to eat, move and be Healthy by Paul Chek

I recommend this book to everyone I meet.  It looks at all areas of your health and wellness and is an integral part of healing nad recovery from any pain or injury.  

And here is one I wrote myself - myeBook '7 steps to getting your back pain sorted' - scroll up and you'll see it on the left.  Happy reading!

3 ways to create a healthy and happy workforce

Happy at Work
Happy at Work

When I spoke at the Lansdowne Club in Mayfair last month I asked this question:  

Why companies are responsible for the health and wellness of their employees?  

Would you leave a machine to run your business without applying the proper maintenance check?  Health and wellness in the workplace influences sick days taken, how staff represent your company - do they look tired and overworked? In turn these factors influence productivity, retention of staff and ultimately the success of your company.  So what can companies do? 

1.  Culture of health and wellness

Develop a culture of health and wellness as part of the work place.  Make it part of your company ethos.  If you actively encourage a healthy workplace you will find your staff will continue that.  I truly believe people want to be healthier.  


a.  For an in house client meeting order from a healthy organic deli and offer fresh salads and fruit instead of sandwiches, cakes and cookies.

c.  Set up lunch time workshops for staff to learn about a wide variety of subjects that impact their health and wellness.  I talk about posture and alignment and how to minimise the risk of desk related aches and pains.  Often experts in their field will come and speak for free.

d.  Offer an ergonomics assessment to all your staff.  Actively encourage good posture and movement throughout the day by recommending staff leave their desk for lunch.  Have a water cooler that staff can walk over to throughout the day.  

2.  Reward value not volume

If you put in place a rewards system based on being available day and night on the blackberry, working late into the night, setting up competition between your team members on who can stay at the office the longest, employees will do what they need to one keep their careers and two get ahead.  Over time this will not serve you or the employees.  Create a culture of rewarding value not volume of work.  This is a tough one as every company competes for business and has deadlines to fulfill.  However, a job well done which takes a little extra time is much better than a rushed shoddy job.  Giving employees a feeling of pride over their work is also part their of health.


Again you can begin with small changes.  What and how you reward will be individual to each company.

3.  Budget

what would be more costly to your business - a budget for health and wellness that retains staff and increases productivity or replacing the same position 3 times in 18 months?  Set aside a budget for health and wellness as part of the maintenance of your company.  Any benefits that you can offer employees particularly ones that take care of their health and wellness are always greatly received and play an important part in staff retention.  


a.  Instead of going out for a big lunch to celebrate the company anniversary do something interactive and fun like a game of dodgeball.

b.  Take a team bonding day with a private walking tour around an art gallery.

c.  For the company Christmas party arrange a healthy cooking workshop that is interactive and ends with a big festive meal.  

You can also consult health experts and consultants about implementing a bespoke structure that will work for your company.  I personally think a cost efficient and relatively easy way is to build health and wellness lectures and workshops into company lunch times or friday afternoons acts as a continual reminder, motivation and inspiration to employees to take care of their health. This is one of the things I do.

The facts are simple - a healthy workforce makes a healthy successful company.  If you are not actively promoting health and wellness in your company you are missing a trick.  Look at what the 46 healthiest companies in America are doing....

The health and wellness of employees is not just the responsibility of the company.  Find out how you as an employee can take responsibility for your health and wellness, whether your company promotes it or not, in Part 2 of this blog.