Precision movement philosophy phrases to live by


After last weeks blog about checking in with your goals for the last quarter of the year, I thought I'd follow that with some motivational inspiration. Sometimes we get so bogged down with the day to day stuff we forget the big picture reasons for living and enjoying life. So here are the Precision Movement phrases to live by... Everybody say Om! 


1. You are what you absorb 

Sadly just eating the right foods is now not enough if you are not absorbing their goodness! How do you know if you are absorbing the nutrition you eat? Well you should feel good for eating highly nutritious food but most of us don't know what good feels like if we have only what we feel like now to compare it to. So my recommendation would be to get your gut tested and see how functional it is. See our partners page for contact information on Karen Maidment and Hannah Richards who can help with this. 


2. Movement is the foundation of life 

From the movement of blood and transport of nutrients and removal of toxins to getting around town movement is absolutely essential for life. It's also really important to move well, efficiently and effectively to minimise injury and discomfort. I believe movement is as important as breathing, eating and sleeping.  Stagnation leads to injury, depression and indifference.  So move more and move well - if you need some help with this you know where I am. 


3. Your body is a thoroughbred 

We can take our body for granted. We don't think about what it does every day to enable us to live, to see, to hear, to communicate, to move, to breathe, to digest food. Our body is a gift, it is our house and we should take care of it like it's a thoroughbred race horse or a top of the line sports car. You wouldn't put sludge in a sports car so don't put rubbish in your body. You want to nurture your body, feed and water it well, give it sunlight and fresh air, move it regularly and give it a bit of challenge every day to make sure it can withstand the toughness of life. 


4. Study your user manual 

Too many people assume they know how to move well. Here's what happens - we are born, we teach ourselves to move (amazing!), we continue to learn good movement and sports in childhood and hopefully our teen years. Then we go to university and we either continue (super amazing!) or we stop moving. Then we go to work and it's basically all over. I'm generalising here but you get the idea. When we enter the work place we teach our bodies to adapt to the sitting work environment which can give us all kinds of issues. The greatest gift you can give yourself is re-learning good movement either through a sport like martial arts or dance or working with a movement specialist to support you and get you back to your sports. 


5. If you don't use it you lose it

I am a personal testament to this! If I don't exercise regularly I start to lose my strength, my stability my tone and my shape. Many of the people I work with begin to lose their postural endurance and flexibility.  You've got to make an ongoing commitment to yourself to maintain your body. You'll live a longer happier life if your body is agile, functional and well taken care of. It really comes down to loving yourself enough to take care of yourself. 


6. Get in your discomfort zone

Comfort doesn't lead to growth or change. I purposefully placed myself in some very uncomfortable situations this summer to remind myself what it's like for my clients to change movement patterns and posture - it can be frustrating and uncomfortable both physically, mentally and emotionally. So I do know what it's like to start something completely new - I highly recommend it regularly. The joy comes when you master something that you've been struggling with - that's growth, that's change, that's a life worth living and an example worth setting to your children, friends and family around you. 


7. Movement is a constant teacher 

I'm finding more and more as I work with clients watching them learn and connect with their bodies that movement serves as a fantastic teacher. No matter how long you have been training you can always learn some new movement or reconnect with how movement feels in your body. To me, mastering movement is not about just exercising it is about really understanding how your body works and serves you. I highly advocate using movement and sports for challenge and personal growth. I am still humbled by movement - it's always been my greatest teacher. 


8. Mind over matter 

Firstly the brain is the control centre of movement. We don't move unless the brain is motivated towards something. Many things are involved in the motivation of movement. One of the important factors is how you feel about/towards that intention. If you dislike what you are doing your brain gives a different output in contrast to if you do like what you are doing. So, when moving, even if the movement or exercise is something you don't particularly like, train your mind to find the benefit in it and feed that information through the brain and attach it to the exercise. The brain/mind/body will avoid things it doesn't like - so override the dislike factor - reframe it. The saying mind over matter is never more true than it is here! 


9. Be present 

When anyone comes to work with me in the studio yes there are reps and sets and alignment and gains and goals etc. But what I really think they gain is the experience of being present in their body. It might sound a little kooky but going to the studio or the gym and just going through the motions, the reps, the sets, thinking about work or what you'll do afterwards is really not as beneficial as being present with your body for your workout. Movement is an enriching educational experience. It's an outlet, a form of expression, a release of energy or a way of conjuring up energy. But all this good stuff only happens when we are present in our movement. It's like anything really - when you are present you are alive and the experience is banked. When you are somewhere else you're just wasting what you're doing in the present. 


So there you have it - 9 magical philosophical paragraphs to live by.   Now go forth and conquer... :D 

Is this the best hotel gym space in London?



As many of your know Precision Movement has been making extensive additions and changes to our little Mayfair studio space courtesy of Grosvenor House Apartments.  And though she be little she is (mighty) fierce and versatile.  Here are the new changes to the space and how they optimise your workout.



The rig 

This March we had a custom designed BeaverFit rig installed into the ceiling.  This has been the most anticipated change in the studio since we moved in.  The rig will be used for pullup/chin up and brachiation training. Also check out the fat GRIPZ for extra intensity without extra load.  It has proved super popular so far! 




Suspension Training 


The rig also enables us to use TRx, Crosscore180 and Olympic Rings for suspension and aerial training.  Bring on the strength!  The rig is 3.5m long meaning we can have someone working on the Kinesis, someone working on the TRx and someone in the weight area quite comfortably.



The floorspace 

The matted floorspace has been increased by a third meaning more workable space for people to use and more people using the space at the same time.  It also means the floorspace becomes more versatile - we can bring out a barre for a ballet workout or clear the space for kickboxing or a yoga based work-in.  We have had some guests using the space to practice their karate katas and MMA moves.  We have left the space open for just this purpose because no single person's workout is the same and we want to cater to that as much as possible.



We now have adjustable weights up to 41kg each alongside the original rack of 1-10kg.  We have a few olympic bars and weight plates for more traditional strength training as well as weighted medicine balls and powerbags.  The original Kinesis cable machine is still installed as well.

 The bring out put back system 

We have lots of different equipment that can be used in the space - kettlebells, powerbags, battling ropes, agility equipment, olympic bars, medicine balls.  We bring out what we need into the space for your specific workout and then put it back to open the space up again.  It sounds really obvious but many gyms, particularly hotel and residence gyms are the same space as our little studio but packed full of machines which limits the type of exercise you can do in the space. Training has moved on past machines... there are some uses for machine work but at Precision Movement we are more steered towards challenging your body in different ways. Which is why we think our space is becoming one of the best hotel gyms in London. 

The space is being used more than it ever has been and it's being used in many ways, for all kinds of movement, workouts and sports conditioning.  If you haven't been down to visit yet, then please do. We'd love to have you! 

Precision Movement's hand picked specialist partners


At Precision Movement we often work in conjunction with medical experts and therapists to help clients get better faster.  We've hand picked specialists in orthopaedics, physiotherapy, osteopathy, specialist chiropractic, nutrition, lifestyle and stress management.  Our MO is to get you better - whatever that takes we'll make it happen.  We want our work to benefit you at the right point in your recovery so we may send you to another specialist first or in conjunction with the work we are doing.  

So here are our hand picked specialists and a bit about how they could potentially help you. Click on the links below to find out more about them and how to contact them.


Lucy Bransgrove

Lucy Bransgrove is a private visiting Physiotherapist who specialises in back pain and injuries as well as working at Kings College Boys School in Wimbledon as their pitchside sports physio.  Lucy provides treatment at the Precision Movement studio as part of our injury rehabilitation programme.



Heidi Grant is a NUCCA Chiropractor and specialises in head and neck trauma as well as how the alignment of the head and cervical spine affect the whole body.  Patients range from professional athletes to those recovering from strokes, neurological disorders, chronic pain, and common injuries.  I work in conjunction with Heidi a lot to help clients hold their adjustments better.


London Orthopaedic clinic 

If you require more medical and invasive interventions from trauma or long term degenerative changes, Precision Movement recommends patients to The London Orthopaedic Clinic on Wimpole Street, W1.  Founded by Mr Brian Cohen, it houses a team of 14 surgeons and specialist physicians who I would trust with my life!  


Philip Waldman at Chelsea Natural Health 

Philip Waldman is the owner of Chelsea Natural Health clinic and my personal Osteopath.  As a local practitioner to my home I am always recommending his treatment to clients if they are close by.  Many of my clients have said he has magic hands!  He is truly gifted.


Karen Maidment at Pure Body Balance 

Karen Maidment is a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist and is my go-to girl for all the inner workings of the body.  Karen provides a comprehensive assessment of the digestive and hormone systems and helps you heal your insides with anti-inflammatory nutrition.  She has also written a book called Meals that Heal which I have found invaluable.  If you need any kind of nutritional support I highly recommend Karen - she does much of her work by Skype so don't let her home town of Cheltenham put you off!


Richard Skudder at Pure Sports Medicine in Kensington

ure Sports Med Richard Skudder is the Osteopath at Pure Sports Medicine Kensington and specialises in the biomechanical aspects of human movement, injury prevention and injury recovery.  Richard helped me overcome my elbow tendonitis last year - a great practitioner.

Avni Trevedi at Avni Touch in North London specialises in women's and paediatric healthcare.  Avni sees many women while they are trying to conceive, during their pregnancy and when the baby arrives often treats both mother and child.



Joanne Halstead is a remedial sports massage therapist working from practices in Mayfair and Shoreditch.  She works with clients who need regular release work as a result of their sports and the stresses of every day life.  Joanne comes highly recommended by me personally as I've hugely benefited from her treatments.

Fabs Massage Fabian Adami is a remedial sports massage therapist who has worked with Precision Movement clients to assist in their recovery from injury.  He often works with rugby players.  Having received treatment from him on a number of occasions I can highly recommend him.  Fabian works in Putney and also offers a mobile service - visiting you at home which comes in very handy for us time poor busy folk!


Fitness Adventure Travel 

Rob Tynan's company, Fitness Adventure Travel provide bespoke fitness travel life changing experiences.  I am due to lead a trip to Vietnam this year for F.A.T and I highly advocate setting yourself a challenge like this and gearing your training towards it.  Life is for enjoyment, adventure and experience, and if your training can support this then all the better!


Florence Parot

Florence Parot is a Sophrologist specialising in sleep and burnout.  As you know I for me sleep is an essential foundation of health and wellness. It's where we heal and recover both mentally.  For those really struggling with the quality and quantity of their sleep Florence can help you.  As a former corporate ladder climber Florence knows how burnout starts, what it feels like and how to recover from a total crash.  


Be Sophro 

Be Sophro is owned by Dominique Antiglio a sophorologist who specialises in birth preparation, stress management and preparation for special events.  Sophrology combines gentle movements, visualisation and meditative practices which make it a comprehensive system for mental and emotional support and rebalance.

In summary, at Precision Movement we are specialists in movement - in rehabilitation and strength conditioning.  We also highly advocate optimising all areas of your health and well-being and that's why we have picked these specialists for you should you ever need their assistance.





Precision Movement's summer smoothies!


What you refuel your body with after a workout is as important as the workout itself which is why I designed the Precision Movement post-workout smoothies for Grosvenor House Apartments by Jumeirah Living which are freshly prepared and served at The Atrium Restaurant on floor 2.  If you've not had one after your workout yet have a nosey at the selection and make sure you order one next time... you are what you eat and absorb so refuel that body right!

 And if you're not already working with us at the studio but still fancy a smoothie then pop in and visit us and we'll prepare one for you. 

My favourite is 'Continue the Calm... I always need a reminder! ;)  




Do you want to know what KT is really like?

Let's face it, I'm hard to sum up in a tidy little phrase - though many have tried!  So I asked my lovely clients, the recipients of my knowledge and expertise to describe their experiences of working with me. My fabulous web/video/media guys at SquareGlu sprinkled magic dust over it to produce this little movie... 


Thanks to to my lovely clients for taking part - I did tell you I'd get you your five minutes of fame! And thanks to SquareGlu for making such a professional end product.  


Popcorn at the ready.... ;) 


The work-in is the new workout

8-25th feb.jpg

It's 6 weeks into 2015 and typically many of us are still going crazy in the gym, spin studio, HIIT studio or whatever new thing you've nominated to change your body in 12 weeks that you pray lasts the other 9 months of the year.  Around about this time, you are probably starting to think this beginning of the year body transformation is a big commitment, perhaps a bit too big for your social life and more importantly your energy levels and your happiness.  This weeks blog post champions the work-in - the chilled out exercise choice that makes you feel good without draining your energy and spirit which often leads to giving up and/or burnout.


The stress state

The body is always trying to maintain equilibrium, balance or the science term - homeostasis.  In the autonomic nervous system you have the sympathetic and parasympathetic states.  In a  sympathetic state the body sends out breakdown hormones - a typical example of this is when you do high intensity exercise.  Don't worry this is good because by breaking down your muscles you encourage them to rebuild and adapt to the stress you put them under. You also induce a sympathetic state when you are stressed - mental or emotional, physical, nutritional, environmental, chemical.  If you put your body in a sympathetic state too much from work, life and exercise you'll pull yourself out of balance and this leads to burnout - mentally and physically.


The chillout state

In a parasympathetic state the body sends out repair hormones to mend damage you've incurred throughout the day as well as helping you digest food and helping you sleep.  This state is as important to your health as the sympathetic high energy state.  It is possible to spend too much time in a parasympathetic state which makes you feel lethargic and apathetic and an energetic uplifting workout can help lift you up out of this.  Generally though, we spend more time in a sympathetic state because of the busy demanding lives we lead.  What is most important here is balance. - both the sympathetic and parasympathetic states are important and through movement we can induce both.


The work-in solution

There are exercise choices that induce a parasympathetic state.  It's really important to balance out your high intensity fat burning, fitness increasing workouts with the reparative recovery work-ins.  I know at the beginning of the year you might be keen to get yourself in the best shape of your life and I am all for that - really I am.  However, I don't see getting fit as a January to March thing.  I see getting fit and maintaining fitness, health and wellness as a life thing.  Life is an endurance race not a sprint.  Balancing out your workouts and work-ins may mean your goal may take a bit longer but it will be a happier experience getting there, you'll be able to maintain it for longer (I am hoping for life) and your chances of burning out will be much reduced.


How to structure your workouts and work-ins

At Precision Movement we recommend our clients participate in 2-3 high intensity (between 70-90% of your max effort) 40-60 minute workouts a week.  Good workouts I endorse are strength training, functional circuit training, modified strongman, spinning, cycling or running.

Then we recommend balancing that out with 1-2 work-ins such as hatha or kundalini yoga, a gentle swim, a walk in the country, tai chi or a good old movement meditation session.

When our clients go through through more stressful times we switch them to 2-3 work-ins and 1-2 workouts.  For very stressful times opt for the work-ins only.  Work-in movement helps to relieve stress if it is done in a gentle and reparative way without adding to your stress. 

How to get a fitter body with less exercise

We live in a culture of more is better but when it comes to exercise more is not always better.  In some cases it's just down right worse.  There is a growing culture in the fitness industry of late that more intensity, more volume of workouts per week and more of the same thing is the only way to get serious about your fitness.  I wholeheartedly disagree and I have seen this result in serious injury, total burnout and illness as well as mental and emotional fatigue and irritability.  I consider over exercising a form of self sabotage or self-harm and I can speak from personal experience on this.  I have grossly over-exercised at times in my life and it's never led to anything good.  So, this week I talk about how much is too much and how to find a balance that works for you and your life.  Remember you are only ever competing against yourself!


Too much intensity

In the past few years there has been an uprising of high intensity group workouts which really push the limits of intensity to the threshold.  But the most shocking story I recently heard was of a gym in NYC that does the toughest workout ever burning a minimum of 1000 calories in a hour.  Apparently you get a badge of recognition if you can get through the warmup without stopping.  Are you kidding me?  A warmup is not a place to compete - EVER!  That is just dangerous.  The point of a warmup is to prepare your body for the intensity of your workout.  If your warmup is the workout you are putting yourself at greater risk of injury because your body is not warm yet!


Monitoring intensity

An easy way to measure the intensity of your workout is to wear a heart rate monitor.  Set your age and weight and it will calculate training zones for you.  A high intensity workout oscillates between 70-90% of your maximum between 1-3 minutes.  You can work longer than 3 minutes depending on what you are training for and your current fitness level.  For strength training heart rate monitors are not so effective because time under tension is often shorter than a minute and you get a delayed heart rate increase.  And FYI a warmup should work from 50-70% over a period of 7-10 minutes.


Too much volume

This is the biggest problem I have with too much - too much volume.  Volume is the number of training sessions or the total amount of hours spent exercising per week.  Everyone thinks the more I exercise the quicker I'll achieve my goal.  Not true.  Over exercising induces a prolonged sympathetic stress state which leads to mental, emotional and physical burnout.  It can also lead to injury. 


Monitoring volume

I talk more about volume in next weeks blog (The work-in is the new workout)  but here are the basics; for general health, wellness and fitness choose 2-3 high intensity (between 70-90% of your max effort) 40-60 minute workouts a week. Balance that out with 1-2 calmer work-ins like yoga or tai chi.  When you go through more stressful times you can switch this to 2-3 work-ins and 1-2 workouts.  For very stressful times I would opt for the work-ins only.  Movement helps to relieve stress if it is done in a gentle and reparative way.


Too much of the same thing

Another problem of too much - is doing too much of the same thing.  This can lead to injury because of continuous repetitive motion particularly from running and cycling.  It also becomes very boring and can lead to mental burnout and then stopping exercise altogether.  As humans we have amazing movement potential and I believe we should utilise and practice the diversity of human movement as much as possible.


Changing it up

I always encourage my clients to a variety of different exercise and sports.  Try new things until you find something you like.  Team sports are always fun to be a part of and I also really value solo workouts like running or cycling when you can be with yourself.  Hit the gym, go to a class, in London there are so many options!  As long as you are doing good movement - vary it as much as you can.


Train smart not stupid

So in conclusion your body and your mind will thank you if you train smart not stupid.  Harder is not always better.  If you are training for a specific sport or event that does require very high intensity training then seek out a professional to guide you.  Just as you are specialist at what you do and people seek out your skills to help them, so are sports and fitness professionals specialists at helping you train. 


Lastly, as I said in the third paragraph, as long as you are doing good movement.  If you are not sure what good movement is and have never sought out help with learning what good movement is then I would highly advocate that you do.  We seek out specialist advice for everything else - movement masters are there to help you learn better movement.  Once you know the basics then you can apply it to any sport, class or workout.  We can definitely help you with that at Precision Movement! - contact us to discuss your specific situation.

Precision Movement's makeover - we've got it all!

Precision Movement's new look
Precision Movement's new look

Over the past 9 months Precision Movement has been through big makeover.  We've got a whole new image and some exciting new fitness services to offer you.  There is something for everyone.  So without further ado, please read on to find out more about our new look!...

The new space 

Precision Movement fitness room at Grosvenor House Apartments by Jumeriah Living
Precision Movement fitness room at Grosvenor House Apartments by Jumeriah Living

For those of you who don't already know, Precision Movement is now housed at Grosvenor House Apartments by Jumeirah Living on Park Lane in Mayfair.  Our compact yet open space is perfect for all types of personal training services.  The space is yours for the duration of your session including choice of music and temperature of the room.  Afterwards you can relax in the adjoining spa shower or in the unique atrium restaurant with exclusive access to guests of the hotel and clients of Precision Movement only.

Back and Injury Care 

Precision Movement back and injury care rehabilitative exercise
Precision Movement back and injury care rehabilitative exercise

Precision Movement was founded by KT who is an rehabilitative exercise specialist.  KT works with all types of injuries and back pain problems from post-surgical to non-specific and everything in-between.  She takes a complete approach to uncover the root cause of your discomfort so that you can heal and recover effectively once and for all.  KT begins with a comprehensive assessment to ascertain how you move and what your posture is like and then she works with you to improve alignment, get your muscles to support you optimally to take stress away from areas of discomfort.  Click here for a case study of her work.

 Precision Movement 2 - health fitness and wellness that works!

Precision Movement 2 health fitness and wellness that works
Precision Movement 2 health fitness and wellness that works

Precision Movement 2 is all about possibilities! When you are aligned, stable & strong we ask you one simple question – where do you want to go from here? For us we see your health & fitness possibilities as exponential. We help keep you fit for life, fit for your sport, or fit to look and feel your very best.  We can also train you for an event like a marathon or a triathlon.  We use the most fun and creative fitness methods to keep you entertained and challenged whilst taking the utmost care with your form and alignment.  We like to think we create mini athletes at PM2! Our clients leave feeling satisfied, worked and energised!  

Precision Movement STRETCH 

Precision Movement Stretch dynamic flowing yoga based movement
Precision Movement Stretch dynamic flowing yoga based movement

Precision Movement STRETCH is an interactive flowing yoga inspired workout that takes you through poses to improve balance, flexibility and strength. We’ll also work to your individual fitness needs to address your posture.  It's great if you have just come off a long haul flight and need to get on London time and also great for an after-work work-in.  We’ll create a calm and peaceful environment for your mind to settle and for you to let go of your stress. You’ll leave feeling like a person reborn!  

Precision Movement KICK

Precision Movement boxing and kickboxing training
Precision Movement boxing and kickboxing training

Precision Movement KICK is all about boxing and kickboxing.  KT is a trained boxer and is a big advocate of using a sport to gain and maintain fitness.  Martial arts requires the use of the 8 biomotor abilities that make up fitness which means you'll get a little of everything.  The best part is of course that you get to kid land punch stuff really hard!  It is the best stress management tool I know and it really does get you super fit in a fun and challenging way.

Precision Movement Classique

Precision Movement Classique real ballet training
Precision Movement Classique real ballet training

KT trained and worked as a professional dancer before she got into fitness and injury rehabilitation.  She is a huge fan of teaching people REAL ballet technique not a fitness fad version - the type that actually transforms your body.  You’ll go through the techniques, exercises and mentally challenging routines that professional ballet dancers use to achieve their long lean legs and wash board abdominals without using any weights! You’ll also develop that statuesque posture and grace that makes the room stop and look at you.  If you really want to look like a ballerina then Precision Movement Classique is the workout for you! 

Precision Movement Expecting

Precision Movement expecting pre post natal training
Precision Movement expecting pre post natal training

Precision Movement expecting is a specially designed programme for women to support your movement and body maintenance needs before, during and after your pregnancy. When you are preparing to have a child we’ll create bespoke exercise programmes for you to energise and support your body without exhausting you.  We’ll adapt and modify your exercise programme to your needs at the different stages of pregnancy that will optimise your energy level, support and mobilise your changing body and help you manage healthy weight gain to make you feel positive and comfortable.  We’ll guide you gradually, safely and effectively back to shape. We will give particular attention to the realignment of your posture and the stability of your pelvis and spine through effective core activation and support. So that you can enjoy the first few months with your new arrival and still look and feel amazing!

Your trainer KT - still the same! 

Precision Movement's trainer KT
Precision Movement's trainer KT

Some things never change!  It's true I am still the same just a little older and much much wiser.  And shamelessly proud of Precision Movement's new space and look.  If you haven't visited me recently, please do come over for a tea or a fresh juice and I'll show you around.  Even better, book in for a workout - we've got everything covered now and we'd be delighted to help you with any and all of your fitness endeavours.  Remember you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to stay in the know, motivated and inspired...  Like I said, some things never change!  

Contact KT at and visit the website for more information about how we  can help you more specifically at