5 top accessories to prevent neck pain this winter


Precision Movement knows that looking and feeling good is important in the work environment. Feeling good also involves a healthy functioning body that is pain free. Constant back or neck pain can really drain your energy, mood and how you relate to colleagues and clients and could result in losing business. With that in mind I asked my good friend

Kate Nightingale from Style Psychology

to help me put together  5 top accessories to minimise the risk of neck pain this winter so you can look and feel amazing! 

Flat shoes 

High heels are a hazard for wet weather and they do nothing for the health of your feet, back and neck. Remember that your whole body is connected. We often see clients who have neck pain that originates from the foot or ankle. If you need to wear heels in the office then take a pair of cute flats to travel to and from work.

For women Kate recommends - Repetto ballet flats

For men Kate recommends- High Shine Leather Driving Shoes by Car Shoe 


Neck discomfort always goes up During the colder months of the year because we shrug our shoulders up to  our ears to keep the neck warm. This overuses the upper shoulder and neck muscles and they get tired and achy. Invest in a super warm scarf so your shoulders can relax.

For women Kate recommends:  Nanette rabbit snood by Eugenia Kim 

For men Kate recommends: Canada oversized brushed-lambswool scarf by Acne 


Another reason we shrug our shoulders up is when we get caught in the rain. It is common to pull the head forwards and down stressing the neck and upper back muscles to protect the face from getting  wet and in an attempt to some how avoid the rain altogether - bizarre but true. Invest in a stylish umbrella so you can maintain good head and spine alignment when it is raining.

For women Kate recommends:  London Undercover's double layered maple interior umbrella

For men Kate recommends:  

London Undercover's double layered pattern umbrella

Hands free kit for phone 

I travel in London everyday and without fail I see at least one person lodging their phone between their shoulder and ear whilst reaching for their Oyster card. This is a sure fire way to create an imbalance in the neck that over time could lead to an injury. Invest in a hands free kit so you can speak at length comfortably.

For women Kate recommends:  Beats by Dr Dre in-ear headphones with control talk

For men Kate recommends:  

Beats by Dr Dre Solo headphones with control talk

Rucksack style bag 

It's a good job rucksacks are in this season because they are the most ergonomically kindest bag to your back and neck. Heavy handbags create a load on one side of the body that over time causes imbalance. We have worked with several women who have pain on one side because of heavy shoulder or handbags. Invest I a cute rucksack and wear it on BOTH shoulders -  especially while they are trending this season!

For women Kate recommends:  Shearling and pebbled leather backpack by KARA

For men Kate recommends:  

Leather backpack by Bill Amberg

Kate Nightingale is the founder and owner of Style Psychology and educates corporate workforces on how to look and feel the part as well as communicating effectively in business. For more information please visit www.stylepsychology.co.uk.  Contact 0207 700 6816 or 07891 305 176 and kate@stylepsychology.co.uk.