Your FREE 10 minute posture meditation

Posture is a foundational principle of what we do here with clients at Precision Movement. The key components to better alignment and posture are consistency and input of the right information.  I explain these in more detail below.  I've also included my 10 minute posture meditation as a belated Easter gift! 


Over and over again

When trying to improve posture in sitting, standing and corresponding movement, consistency is absolutely imperative to create change.  We build programmes for movement and posture that are stored in our brain.  The more we use these patterns the stronger they become.  I liken it to drawing a line in the mud with a stick - the more times you do this the deeper the groove in the mud becomes.  When we work on posture or a new movement pattern we cannot overwrite an old programme in the brain we can only build a new one and try to make it the preferred one.  The key to making a movement or posture pattern the dominant one is to use it so it becomes stronger.  Consistency is absolutely imperative for changing postural and movement patterns.


Good input

The most important factor in changing postural and movement patterns is the information and cueing you are given to elicit change.  Everyone will respond differently depending on how you process information and what makes sense to you.  I think the most important thing in training posture and movement is that the feelings and for want of a better word, energy, you create are never ending.  Posture and movement are dynamic.  There should be no gripping or holding in standing, sitting or walking.  And even in movement, at the advanced levels of mastery movement should feel free.  


A little gift for you

Below is an audio recording of my 10 minute postural meditation that I give to clients.  I recommend they listen to it on their commute to and from work or on their lunch break.  It acts as a reminder of gentle activations, lengths and pressures that I teach them in sessions that help achieve a better sitting or standing posture.  The feedback from clients is that the effects can last several hours without having to think about it.  When listening to it, if some of the cues do not make sense then please feel free to contact me and I'll explain further.  Happy commuting!