The Precision Movement way of Resting

a change is as good as a rest

Easter is nearly upon us and after the first 4 months of the year we all deserve much needed rest and recuperation.  My personal belief regarding tiredness is that we get tired of doing the same thing.  Obviously we need to physically rest and if we don't get enough of that then we become physically exhausted.  However, I think we get more mentally exhausted and for that I have a special little KT remedy.....

One of my life sayings is "A change is as good as a rest" and another important one is "there are 86,400 seconds in a day but you can't do them over so make the most of every single one!".  With that said here are my top ten changes to give you the best change/rest over Easter:


1.  My favourite podcast of the moment is London Real.  Brian Rose created LondonReal to interview inspiring, motivating people who have really made a difference.  Between 60-120 mins per episode long you'll need a long run, a car journey or a 2 hour sit down to enjoy it but its really worth investing the time.  An absolute life changer - you'll forget what fatigue is after listening to one!


2. If you like to settle down to a good book then I recommend Run or Die: The Inspirational Memoir of the Worlds Greatest Ultra-Runner by Kilian Journet.  He plans to run - yes RUN - up Everest in 2016.  Now how can you not want to read about this man?


3. Adventure - check out Fitness Adventure Travel for a last minute adventure holiday this Easter or start planning your next vacation and make a calendar to count down the days.  I always find having something awesome to look forward to keeps tiredness at bay.


4. Settle down or liven up a car journey with an audiobook.  I listen to books on the Audible app which connects directly with Amazon.  I find a dip in fiction every once in a while refreshing.  It gets the imagination working and gives your non-fiction brain a rest.  It's also good to give your olfactory system a workout too!


5. Go and watch the London Marathon.  I've been down to support the runners for a number of years now and it's really inspiring and motivating to see so many people running for brilliant causes, in funny costumes, of all ages.  It also makes me go for a run the next day to feel better about not entering this year!


6. Get in the car and go 1-2 hours outside London for a day trip.  There is brilliant hiking in the South Downs, a cliff top walk in Dover, a city stroll in Cambridge, a country walk in the cotswolds.  If you time it right you can do a day trip.  Check out BuzzFeed's recommendations


7. Take a bike ride along the Thames.  This is one of my all time favourite things to do with friends and family.  Ride from Putney to Richmond along the tow path - stop for a lazy lunch in Richmond then mosey on back before it gets dark.  A great way to exercise, get fresh air, spend time in nature  and with family/friends. It ticks all the boxes!  Don't forget the Oxford/Cambridge boat race - another inspiring day out with friends and family.


8.  Come and visit us at Precision Movement for a workout with a difference.  With all kinds of fitness, back and injury rehabilitation, ballet, yoga inspired stretch sessions and kickboxing to choose from how can you resist?  We'll throw in a post workout juice which you can enjoy over conversation with me, KT in the beautiful and highly exclusive Atrium Restaurant on Park Lane.


9.  If the lure of Easter eggs and chocolate is becoming too much why not turn this into a positive and learn to make some healthy alternatives.  I love Karen Maidment's Meals that Heal cooking workshops where you can make all things chocolaty without the nasties!  Next one takes place on 18th-19th April 2015.  I'll be going so hopefully see you there!


10. Learn a language - one of my close friends decided to learn Arabic this year.  I think this is ultra cool!  I really want to learn Japanese although most of my clients think I should go back to school and do Maths as my numeracy skills are really poor!

Our fave is number 8 - obvs! ;)