Consistency - how are those new year fitness goals going?

Aristotle quote

Right about now sees the big drop off from the new year fitness craze.  Suddenly finding a treadmill at the gym is easy again, you don't have to sign up weeks in advance for a Saturday morning spin class, you can swim in your allocated lane without feeling like you are in a traffic jam on the M25 on Friday afternoon and you have breathing space in your bikram yoga class instead of being less than a foot away from some speedo-clad hairy sweaty man in a downward dog.

I have to admit though that it's this time of year I feel really sad.  Why do people stop exercising?  Why do people think that working out like a maniac for the first 3 months will result in a Victoria's Secret/IronMan body for the remaining 9 months of the year? 

Well, I've written about mental and physical burnout from over-exercising in previous blogs "Less is More" and the importance of including work-ins "The work-in is the new workout".  What I want to talk about now is Consistency - yup, that harrowing word that to some fills them with the dread of forever.  And, as Aristotle says, we are what we repeatedly do!  On that note, let me introduce you to a much loved KT concept about exercise...  


The Life Rez

I've been working on a little concept called The Life Rez for a few years now.  It's about a mental shift towards making smaller more gradual and meaningful changes for life rather than snatching at short term, fleeting, superficial and poorly thought out ones.  This can be applied to everything but I am going to apply it to movement and exercise right now.

Using the Life Rez concept for exercise is about committing to exercising for life.  It means you see the value of exercising beyond looking good for a wedding or for your beach holiday.  It means that you see exercise as integral part of enjoying and living your life - your whole life to the best you can.  Follow TheLifeRez on Facebook and Twitter.


Choices choices

It gives you the freedom to try new things and explore what you really love.  You'll go through phases of winter sports, running, maybe something different like rock climbing or handball.  You'll see your fitness as an evolving process that complements your life at each stage.


Maintenance training

Of course, there are a few types of movement/exercise that I recommend you are always engaged in which will form a foundation of the more fluid and fun sports and exercise you do.  These are strength training and some form of flexibility work and I would also advocate short to medium duration cardio like running, swimming or cycling best done in an interval format.



When you look at your fitness from this perspective there is no rush to achieve anything.  If you need to get your back pain sorted or recover from an injury you have time to do this knowing that doing it properly means you can move on to the next activity you want to try with confidence that you are better.


Life Enriching Experiences

It also means you can be a part of many life enriching experiences that create life long memories.  Most of my long term clients are now doing marathons, trekking in Nepal, Africa, Arctic trekking, climbing rock faces of some of the most famous mountains in the world, competing in ultra endurance events which take them all over the world.  These are activities they trained for at Precision Movement so they can go off and enjoy the experience without worrying about injury or fitness levels.


My new thing in 2015 is my trip to Vietnam with Fitness Adventure Travel.  I want my clients to aspire to new and different sports activities and to train for them.  In Vietnam I'll be taking a group of guests cycling, trekking, kayaking, paddle boating, paragliding and rock climbing as well as enjoying the beauty of the country and immersing in the culture.  To find out more click HERE.

So don't just train for 3 months of the year because you want to start the year off right.  Start your life off right from this moment forwards.  Read my blogs "Less is More" and "The work-in is the new workout" to gain valuable insight into how you can make fitness, health and wellness a sustainable life resolution in a safe and effective way.


If you have a LifeRez fitness goal or would like to have the fitness and physical strength and endurance to experience life changing adventures on a whim then speak to us about how we can help you achieve it.