My personal goals for 2015

In true KT style I thought I'd share my goals with you for 2015 because I know once I commit them to the world you will all hold me accountable. I truly believe life is about self-mastery - about learning and experiencing as much as possible in the short time we have.  It's also about trying to maintain balance which is my life long lesson!  So I make goals for all areas of my life and I would encourage you to do this as well.  Read on to find out what I'll be achieving in 2015...


This year I have a few lifestyle goals.  I am notoriously known for overworking so I will earnestly address this in 2015 - notice how I put this top of my list - see I am learning slowly but surely!  Firstly, I've started a daily gratitude journal along with all my clients at Precision Movement who got a gratitude journal as a New Years gift from me so I will fill this out every morning and evening.  Secondly, I am firmly focussed on meditating every day whether it's a 10 minute headspace or a 90 minute kundalini class.  Thirdly, I will take regular breaks from work either on vacation or just resting.  And number four is to try to read one book a month either for work, business or for pleasure.  I love reading and I haven't been doing enough of it.  Recommendations are warmly welcomed - please send to



2015 will be a transformative year for Precision Movement.  I don't want to reveal anything as much of it depends on the decisions of others.  Having said that, of my big goals is to have a sidekick - someone that will make Precision Movement greater than just me and my lovely irreplaceable PA Rosie!  Please send resumes to - only those who aspire to greatness need apply!

Another important goal for me in the business this year is to be able to give something for free.  I am working on an ebook that will be downloadable free from my website.  It's all part of my new manifesto 'selfless service' - more on that below.



This year, amoung many short courses I will be starting a sports massage course in September.  It's a year long and will prepare me for my 2016 goal of starting a Masters degree in Physiotherapy.  From September onwards I'll be required to do 100 hours of practice massage as part of gaining my qualification - treats for clients of Precision Movement!



2015 sees the start of an exciting addition to KT's life!  I have been asked by Fitness Adventure Travel to lead a trip to Vietnam where I'll be cycling, paddle boating and paragliding over 10 days.  More about this in a future blog post.  So my first big fitness goal this year is to get over my fear of jumping off a mountain so I can lead the trip with confidence.  Like I say to my clients - 'if I can't do it you sure as hell won't do it will you!"  The second one is to buy a bike and go cycling with my Dad in the country at least once a month. 



This year I'll be working with a functional diagnostic nutritionist.  It's true I am a healthy person and I know a fair amount about what to eat.  And every few years I like to check in with a specialist for a clean up and to refocus myself.  I'll be blogging about my experience later in the year and if you would like a recommendation check out our Partners page here.


KT's Quotes for the year:

1.  You can't gain back time - so make the most of every single moment you have!

2.  "If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself, if you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself.  Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation" Lao Zsu.

3.  Selfless service - serve from a place of love without expecting anything back.  It will come back in many ways

4.  Great things never come from comfort zones

So there you have it - what KT will do in 2015.  It will be interesting to look back in 12 months time and see what happened.  I am excited though.  I hope it spurs you to make your own goals for 2015 and I am sure you'll all have inordinate amounts of fun holding me accountable to what I have said I will do. BRING IT with bells on ;D


Make sure you read next weeks blog post where I share some exciting press coverage!  Yes that's right, KT and Precision Movement are getting out there.  Next step world domination ;