Jump off a mountain with me in Vietnam this year

Yes it's true, but the time 2015 is out I will have jumped off a mountain - hopefully still alive to tell the tale!  Fitness Adventure Travel have asked me top lead a trip to Vietnam this year combining the breathtaking natural beauty of the country with the excitement of adventure fitness.


What are we doing?

The trip combines paragliding, trekking, cycling, kayaking and rock climbing and I'm sure you'll get a few KT workouts thrown in for good measure!  If  you have never done these sports before that's ok, because we'll have local guides and experts teaching us.


Why are we doing it?

Hmmm let's rephrase - why wouldn't you do this?  For me this is the perfect vacation (and let's not talk about how you think I'm not normal!).  Not only do you get to explore the rural beauty, culture and local gastronomy of this fascinating country, you also get to experience truly exciting adventure sports and stay active and healthy throughout the trip.  You'll get an aerial view from paragliding, you'll see much more from cycling through Vietnam than walking and you'll travel on the waters by kayaking too.


When is my rest?

I know some of you will be wondering about when your rest and recovery will come.  Isn't that what vacation is for?  Well, there will be plenty of rest from the activities we'll do and I stand firmly by my thinking that a change is as good as a rest.  I'm not someone who can sit on a beach for two weeks doing nothing.  For me a rest from my London life is doing something different, exciting and focussing my mind completely on a new activity.  It gives my brain a real from normal life and for me this is a perfect rest.  I'm sure of you try it you'll find the same result!

Also, I get an influx of people through my clinic doors complaining of aches and pains because they haven't moved for two weeks on their beach vacation.  It's better to put some movement in your vacations and this is the ultimate opportunity.


Spice up your life!

And lastly, it gives you something exciting and different to train for and something to look forward to.  You'll need to make sure you have a strong foundation of full body core stability, endurance and strength to enjoy these sports with minimal risk of injury.


When are we going?

Fitness Adventure Travel have the following dates available:

24th April - 3rd May 

15th - 25th May 

21st - 31st Aug 

26th Sept -6th Oct 

Don't worry if those dates are not suited to you.  Fitness Adventure Travel have said that for me and my lovely tribe they are happy to move dates and add dates so you don't miss out.  How cool is that?   Personally I'm favouring an October trip... 

Fitness Adventure Travel also design bespoke trips to far flung places in the world for a truly unique and memorable adventure experience.  Contact them with your wild and crazy ideas and watch them become a reality.  Remember you only get one life - make the most of every second!


Who's going?

You're going!  Well I hope you'll come with me - I'll be leading the trip so you'll be in safe hands.  It's open to anyone who would like to go - you, your friends, family etc and you can find out more information on how to book by visiting the F.A.T. website.