How to woo your other half this Valentine's Day

At Precision Movement we're all about feeling the love for fitness, workouts, sports and activities.  In the spirit of Valentines Day we thought we share our top 5 fitness related Valentines date nights so you can fall in love with your significant other


The light in my soul honours the light in your soul

Acro Yoga is an intimate partner themed yoga class whereby you assume yoga positions often with one of you precariously balanced on the other and then try to find your inner peace and ohm together.  Definitely a good one for soul bonding.


The pair that run together stay together

How about choosing your favourite less trodden park or place of rural natural beauty and taking a run together?  You can enjoy the thrill of the exercise-induced endorphin rush, the fresh raw beauty of nature.  Maybe even have a few races to spice things up?  If you are not runners cycling is just as romantic!  Precision Movement loves Hampstead Heath for a romantic run and Richmond Park for a cute cycle.  For added romance bring a picnic.


Romantically Stayin' alive

Dancing is the most romantic form of exercise there is.  If you are wanting to learn a romantic dance like the waltz or the quickstep try Karen Hardy Dance Studios.  If you are more of a fiery couple with a few shapes to show off then go for something hot like salsa or merengue.  If you are the shy type get a dance themed video game Just Dance 4 and have just as much fun laughing at each other as shaking your thang.


Gym bunnies

For those of you who hit the gym like your partner then why not do a gym session together?  You can mutually appreciate each other's rippling muscles, do a few partner assisted pushups for the 'V day workout selfie', hit the showers then head out for a protein feast for dinner!


Something totally different

If you are in early stage dating or need to spice up a long term relationship then why not try an activity that is totally different?  I love active dates and in the past I've have been invited rock climbing, snowboarding on an indoor slope, parkour, paddle boarding, iceskating, rollerblading and even a group outdoor workout which is not different for me but I still loved it!  Moving always helps the romance blossom and learning something together will help you learn more about your date.


Our Special offer - invite your significant other for a complimentary workout with us and if they sign up for a package we'll give you 15% off your next purchase. 

Happy Valentines Day from Precision Movement. 

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