Can I really help you?

I spoke with someone on the phone a few weeks back with Mr BackPain, who has a particularly complex back problem and at the end of the call he asked me "can you really help me?".  It's a brilliant question that should be asked more frequently and my answer to him is what inspired this blog post.  If you are wondering if I can help you or someone you know then read on.... (and at the end I reveal what happened with Mr BackPain!)


Mr Back Pain

Mr BackPain has had a problem with his back for more than 15 years.  He had an operation to try to fix the problem and it made no difference.  He had given up hope of ever being pain free. 

Most of the people who walk through my door have exactly the same problem - long term pain that just doesn't seem to go away no matter what they try.  At Precision Movement we make sure we find out what is really going on.  If that means you need more specialist assistance we'll make sure you get it.  Our MO is to get you better - we want you walking out of the clinic a changed person and we'll do everything we can to make sure that happens. 


But I've tried loads of things...

Mr BackPain is a proactive man and tried many many treatments and remedies to get better but to no avail.  Just like you, so have most of the people I work with.  They have taken a stab in the darkness of treatments and thought ok I'll try this.  Then when it hasn't worked they've gambled on something else.  Or they have been blindly led from one practitioner to the next with little improvement.  Would you blindly hire someone to take care of your children?  Or run the accounts in your business?  Probably not! 


Combination of specialists

There are many components of recovery from back pain.  At Precision Movement we are experts in rehabilitation and movement and we also know our limits!  We have found that it is the combination of treatments from the best experts working together that get you better faster rather than one treatment or random treatments that don't fit well together or in series.  We have hand picked the experts we collaborate with in orthopaedics, physiotherapy, osteopathy, specialist chiropractic, nutrition, lifestyle and stress management - check out our Partners page coming soon, or ask me in person or by email (  We want our work to benefit you at the right point in your recovery so we may send you to another specialist first or in conjunction with the work we are doing.   Remember our MO is to get you better - whatever that takes we'll make it happen.


The RIGHT exercise for you

Mr BackPain had tried some exercise on the advice of a practitioner some rehabilitative corrective work and some more conventional exercise like running and it often made his pain worse.  

One of the key components to getting better from pain caused by inactivity, structural damage, degeneration and trauma is the right movement therapy.  Any old movement just will not do.  I see many people who have been 'moving' or given specific exercises some of which have merit.  The issue comes with remembering how to do them correctly alone and actually do the exercises regularly! 


We're different and we work 

The first important difference we give people who work with us is the foundational principles of movement.  We educate and teach our clients the 4 pillars of movement - alignment, mobility, stability and strength so all of their exercises become more effective and beneficial. The second important difference is consistency - we make sure you do your exercises correctly and regularly.  The third component that makes our process so successful is we educate you on why we ask you do to do certain exercises.  It makes the experience more mindful and purposeful.  Our clients leave understanding how their body works better and they are able to identify themselves when they are in and out of good alignment.


So can I really help you?

The answer is yes I believe I can help you.  I have an excellent track record of helping people out of pain, improving alignment, stability and strength and I'm pretty good at judging when you need additional assistance from other areas.  If you need to see some even more brilliant specialists before you focus on rehabilitative exercise with us we're totally cool with that! 

Incidentally, if you were wondering what happened to Mr BackPain he said, "thank you so much for being honest with me.  I have had back pain for 15 years and even after my operation it is just as painful.  You are the first person in all my experience who has taken an active interest in helping me get better."  I have referred him on to a specialist who I'll be collaborating with and when he's ready he'll come and do his rehab work with me - 'coz that's just how I roll!

Contact us today to find out how we can help you - make 2015 the year you sort out your aches and pains for good!