The power of being human in healing & recovery

Photo by Anete Lucina via, edited by KT

Photo by Anete Lucina via, edited by KT

In the last month of 2016, I was deeply struck by the death of AA Gill, a "journo giant", who died from cancer. It inspired me to write this article about why being human to each other, and to ourselves, can have a profound affect in healing and recovery and at the very least make an individual feel that they matter, especially when facing terminal illness.


AA Gill's last article, published just one day after his death explained his traumatic and frustrating journey of care from the NHS in the last months of his life. I was struck by how beautifully he narrated his situation. He was denied a life lengthening treatment, immunotherapy, because it is too expensive to get on the NHS. He acknowledged the genuine care towards of the people who work within the NHS towards him, mentioning in particular a nurse who was devastated to learn that his chemo was no longer working. He ended his article by saying,  "you don't get that in the private sector" referring to the humanity and empathy of the nurse.

You can read AA Gill's parting gift to the world here:


Same same but same

The turn of a new year always makes us a bit more philosophical as we look back at what we have achieved and then look forward to what lies ahead for us. I see countless Facebook posts about 2017 being the year of kindness, of solidarity, peace, togetherness, humanity. I myself posted my new years message, urging people "to be the change you want to see".  New year or mid year, we all want the same thing to feel the humanity of others and to feel that we matter. It's what connects us and it has powerful healing properties.


How to be human 

Above all, whether you work with people or have people in your life who are in pain or recovering or not, the way we can help each other in a daily way is just by being human. Being human to me means being kind. It means holding space for someone when they need you; listening to someone in need of being heard; giving of your time, energy and love. It also means holding space for yourself, listening to yourself and allowing yourself to be quiet, giving back to and loving yourself. I believe the body knows how to heal itself otherwise our species would not have survived this long. It needs the right conditions - physically, mentally and emotionally to help it along. 


Humanity heals

This is relevant in our personal lives, in our work life and particularly in medicine and therapy when you seek help for illness and injury. Being human or what the medical profession often call "bedside manner", can have a profound affect on your perception and ability to recover.  It is really important that you choose therapists and medical practitioners you trust, have a good relationship with and who hold space for you without judgement or ego during your healing and recovery. If you feel you need more "human" than what is being offered do not be afraid to walk away and find therapists who better suit your needs. My new guru, the late Louis Gifford, believed that the human part of therapy and medicine is as important as the healing of tissue, because you, your consciousness, is part of that healing. Your synaptic connections, your thoughts, play a part in what messages get sent from the brain to the tissues. Feeling safe and cared for positively impacts your emotional and mental outlook on recovery.  


Human yourself  

And kindness and humanity doesn't always have to come from others. Being human to yourself is just as important. I firmly believe part of the self-management of your own injury or condition is being kind, loving and compassionate to yourself. So go be more human to yourself and others in 2017 and see what impact it has on your healing and recovery, your life and the lives of those around you.


If you are struggling with an ongoing injury, or have suffered with ongoing pain that just won't go away we can help. Please contact KT at for a complimentary phone conversation. 





How to return to exercise after taking a break

Photo by Meiying Ng accessed from, edited by KT 

Photo by Meiying Ng accessed from, edited by KT 

 (This is me actually setting an example!)...

Last year I suffered from an ongoing hamstring tendionpathy. It took it's time to get better and for the first time in my life I realised I am not invincible 😔 but that's ok! Here is a little sample of how to get back to exercise after taking a rest over the festive period, especially when you have a history of injury. 


Taking a rest
I took 2 weeks off exercise over Xmas because I really needed a proper physical and mental rest. When I was a dancer, many many moons ago now, my teachers always said take 2 weeks of complete physical rest every year. I don't know where this comes from and I wouldn't say this particular criteria applies to everyone but I do it and I really feel the benefits. I get to a place where I have too much energy and I really feel the need to move and expend it. Then I know I've had enough rest and it's time to get going again. 


First workout back
I always want to go running after not exercising for a while. I feel the need to "run out of" my laziness or restful state. However, from my past experiences with tendionpathies last year, I now know, and more importantly have accepted, that this is not a good idea. 

My body needs to be reintroduced to exercise in a gentler way. So I started with  a very modest body weight and Swiss ball workout. 6 exercises, 2 sets. I'd say it was 70% of max intensity. And 60% of my usual volume. Good joint mobilisation warmup and some specific stretching at the end. 

I decided I did not want to feel exhausted at the end of my workout, or to be sore the next day. I just wanted to feel my body in movement again, and to feel ok with taking it easy. 

Getting back to running
I went for my first run outside on Jan 1. I decided instead of running out of my rest state, I'd run into the new year! Usually I would bolt out of the gate and chase down any other runner on the road averaging 7-8k. Instead, I took the advice I give everyone I work with and I paced myself. I ran just 20 minutes, and took a minutes rest every 5 min. I kept a check on how my hamstring was doing. And it's doing just fine! 


My plan for the next 2 weeks is to get back to full intensity for my strength training and running a 5k three times per week. 

I hope to achieve this within the next 21 days. I'll increase my total volume first, adding 3 workouts next week, 4 the following and back up to my usual 5 in the third week. 

But the most important thing to state here is that I'll keep checking in to see how my body feels. If I am tired, I'll rest and get more sleep. If I feel I can push myself a bit more then I will. This is an absolutely crucial part of self-management of your health. Listen to your body - it will tell you what it wants to do on any given day. If your body doesn't speak yet, that's ok. I work with many people who have lost the conversation with their own body. You just need a bit of time, and you may need a bit of help tuning back in. 

So if you are getting back to exercise after taking a break, ease into it and listen to your body to get back to your level over a few weeks to reduce the risk of injury for the start of 2017. If you're not sure you have a dialogue with your body and you need a bit of help with that then please do contact me at  

Wishing you all an AMAZING 2017... be the change you want to see. 

Hugs and handstands!


New Programmes for you at Precision Movement

New Programmes for you at Precision Movement

Precision Movement releases new programmes for 2017. Specialist injury rehabilitation, chronic pain management, foundations of Movement, at home services and massage.  

The Precision Movement end of year message

Another 365 days down as we say goodbye to 2016 in just a few weeks time.  In celebration of 2016 I'd like to share with you my Christmas message... 

What an amazing year we have seen in the UK.  No year is ever dull here but 2016 was particularly colourful.  The people voted on Brexit, we got a new Prime Minister a British win at Wimbledon, a British win in the Tour De France, 27 gold medals and 2nd place in the medal table at the Olympics in Rio.  It just goes to show what a nation of talented, motivated, driven people can do when they put their minds to it. 

In the world of Precision Movement we helped numerous people out of pain and back to full movement function.  This year I've had people compete in the London Marathon, Pru100 cycle ride, I had clients return to golf after years of pain and injuries, a client participate in a kayaking adventure week in Scotland, 2 clients competed in the Patrouilles Des Glaciers for the 4th time.  I successfully sent clients on ski holidays, watersports holidays, and I rehabbed a total knee replacement which was super fun!  Others have returned to a life without pain, cycling to work, running at their leisure, playing a game of football with their friends - and this is why I do what I do...

Life is short.  I am a firm believer in designing your life.  Pain and injuries are sometimes a part of an active life - but they shouldn't stop you from getting back on track and getting out there, experiencing and living the life you want to live.  Precision Movement exists for the adventurers, the explorers, the active souls who want to really live a life without restraints, without borders - a life of freedom.  Our clients (that's you) live the type of life that creates stories around the dinner table leaving your grandchildren mesmerised, in awe and inspired to go out a life their own life of freedom and adventure.  Yours is the life that other envy - it's full, its beautiful and if injury or pain ever strikes, we'll get your better so you can go out and do it all over again!

So as we enter 2017 I want to know what you will all go on to do next.  You've got 365 days in 2017... what will you achieve?  What heights will you reach?  What depths will you delve to?  

All in all its been another amazing, inspiring year for me at Precision Movement.  I cannot do my job without the support, the loyalty and the 'fight' that you bring to your movement, rehab and training journeys with me.  Keep talking about Precision Movement and what it has helped you achieve.  Send us the adventurers, the explorers and anyone who just wants their freedom back!  

Wishing you all a safe, healthy, happy and festive holiday season with family and friends.  Take this time to rest and recover and I'll see you all again in 2017 for more adventures!  

Guilt-free Christmas Cocktails!

Guilt-free Christmas Cocktails!

Precision Movement's KT shares her favourite healthy Christmas cocktails so you can enjoy the festivities without incurring too much damage!

Special deals for the start of 2017 at Precision Movement!

The last month of 2016 is nearly upon us.  We can get really busy and caught up in the festive preparations and making sure we see all our friends and family before another year begins.  

However, I am sure like me, plans are also brewing in your head about what 2017 will entail for you.  Now is a good time to start thinking about what adventures you would like to add to your life albums.  


KT's adventures for 2017

in 2017 I'll be going to Japan, a trip I have been planning for months.  It will be an exploration of a new culture and new land for me.  This will be a mini adventure in preparation for a greater dream I have had for a long long time -I am hoping to find a Samurai master to train with.  I am also hoping 2017 will be the year I attend University for the second time as I embark on a Masters degree in Physiotherapy.  


Specials from Precision Movement for 2017

As you begin thinking about your adventures for 2017 and also maybe some ideas for your Christmas list here are a few gifts from Precision Movement...

* Book 3 months of training by January 10th 2017 and we'll gift you 10% off your bill.

* Refer a new client who signs up for 12 weeks and get 15% off your next bill.

* Give this voucher code (PMNEWBIE2017) to someone you know who needs my help and they'll receive 25% off their first assessment with me.  


Avoiding a relapse in pain & autoimmune conditions this festive season

Avoiding a relapse in pain & autoimmune conditions this festive season

Precision Movement's KT gives her recommendations for reducing the risk of a flare up from pain and autoimmune conditions as well as re-injury during the Christmas party season.

Hot chocolate that helps your healing & recovery

As the days and nights get colder it's tempting to reach for warm foods that give your comfort but may not be nutritionally beneficial.  Nutrition is an integral part of recovery from injury and pain as well as supporting a healthy happy lifestyle.  

You really want your food intake to be doing the following:

1.   Reducing inflammation in your gut and in your body overall.  Inflammation stresses your immune system which means healing and recovery are compromised.  You want to promote healing and recovery by reducing inflammation.

2.  Nourishing your body with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals for healing and recovery and for all the vital processes for a healthy, happy functioning body.

3.  Fuelling your adventures or your rehabilitation is that's where you are currently at!  Whatever your life is filled with you want your food intake to support you so you have the energy to enjoy it.

A quick and easy way to fulfil all these criteria and even take with you on your adventures is with this incredible rich hot chocolate drink.  It's loaded with anti-inflammatory foods such as coconut cream and super antioxidant rich cocoa powder containing maca and cacao as well as plenty of vitamin E from the fresh almond milk.  I drink it as a bedtime warmer when I make my hot water bottle at night.


Rich Hot Chococo


* 1 cup fresh pressed almond milk

* tablespoon coconut cream 

* 1-2 tablespoons Of The Earth Superfoods Hot Chocolate powder

* Stevia to taste 


Place the almond milk in a saucepan on the stove and heat gently so as not to burn it.  Place the almond milk and all the ingredients in a blender and whizz up.  Drink with joy and let the nutrients heal you!  

Daylight savings morning mobilisations!

This is possibly one of my favourite days of the year.  It's the night when we get an EXTRA HOUR OF SLEEP!  I actually don't think there is anything better in life than, effectively a free hour of sleep.  I know we have to pay for it in the spring when we get an hour docked in return but for now, in the winter months, I'm going to enjoy my extra hour.

As the days get shorter and colder I thought I might share a little freebie with you.  I suffer terribly with the cold and getting out of bed in the morning when my duvet is oh so warm and snuggly is really a big ask.  My body often feels quite creaky and inflexible.  So after I've taken a scolding hot shower, I often do some simple spinal mobilisations just to give my joints helping hand, easing them into the colder winter day.  It definitely helps to do a bit of morning mobilisation even if you are not injured or in pain, especially on cold days.

This is an ebook I usually reserve for back pain and injury clients.  However, in celebration of our extras hour of sleep I thought I'd share it all with you this week.  


If you have any questions about the mobilisations please feel free to drop me an email.  

And if you'd like to find out more about how I can help you recover from back pain, chronic pain or any kind of injury please do visit my website to find out more. 



Put more movement in your day

I've just started working with a new patient on movement rehabilitiation who has had ongoing back pain for the best part of 2 years.  He's got structural damage - degeneration in the facet joints of the vertebrae.  He's a desk bound office worker and doesn't get much of a chance to get away from his seat.  He just came back from a weeks holiday where he walked (and danced!) and moved for pretty much the entire day and he reported that he had virtually no back pain and no stiffness - symptoms he has been suffering with daily.  He hasn't started his rehabilitation exercise programme yet.  The only difference that he made was adding in movement to his day.  Since beginning my practice as a remedial soft tissue therapist, the number one complaint I treat is stiff and sore back, neck and shoulders from sitting at a desk all day.  The body does not like sustained positions.  We are designed to move!

So how do you add more movement into your day if you have a desk bound job?  Well, if you're in London I have super treats for you!  

Firstly, if sounds to simple to actually have any affect, but walk your 10,000 steps per day.  I didn't even know my iPhone as calibrating my movements around town until one of my friends introduced me to the Health app that comes with the phone.  When I opened it up I was shocked to see it had been recording my steps for months!  

As you can see I have what I would consider an inverse pattern to most people.  As I move around for my work, my weekday steps are pretty high.  But look at Sunday 10th July - I must have been sleeping the whole day!  Also, I take my phone on my runs and I run 4-5 days per week so that movement would have been added here also. 

So how do you get your steps in without adding a whole 8th day of the week to walk around guilt-free with nothing else to do?

Well I stumbled across this handy little find - TFL have released a Walk the Tube map showing the number of steps between each station in a bid to get more people to walk shorter distances and ease the stress on the tube in rush hour.  

And for those who are time conscious on their commute to work here is the same map detailing the time it takes to walk between stations.

And here is an Evening Standard article on 8 London tube journeys that are quicker by foot!

Another great little find is handy little article on called The London Walkers Tube Map about great London walks you can do at the weekends to get those step figures up!  Click the link above or the image below to get all the info.  

Now, with all that walking, you might have noticed that too much walking can give your discomfort too.  So, make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes on your commute or on your bumble around London.  If you are on a long walk then take a tea and cake break!  If you would like to do some beneficial spinal mobilisations before you set of and after you return then check out my article and FREE ebook here

If walking is causing you considerable discomfort, or your pain gets worse the longer you walk then please feel free to contact me at and we can have a chat about your situation.  

Why are you tired all the time?

Why are you tired all the time?

Precision Movement presents Samantha George from H Personal Coaching to explain what Adrenal Fatigue is and how it adversely affects healing and recovery.

ManMade - A Case Study on the making of a man

ManMade - A Case Study on the making of a man

Precision Movement's KT shares her latest case study of Andrea Domeninchini the creator of ManMade and Voices in the Dark.  Dre was suffering with chronic pain that just would not go away.  Find out what happened when he worked with KT.  Dre has made a video series about his journey called ManMade.

How to get good at your injury rehabilitation exercises

How to get good at your injury rehabilitation exercises

Precision Movement's KT explains how to get good at your injury rehabilitation exercises so you can become injury and pain free, design your life and boo your next adventure! 

Your free 12 week guide to healing and recovery

I am always looking for ways to make your rehabilitation journey more beneficial so you can  get back to a life of freedom and adventure - the life that you truly want to build, share, cherish and remember.  As a movement specialist I am focussed primarily on the biomechanics of alignment and your movement patterning.  However, I fully appreciate a comprehensive approach to healing and recovery, so I have created a 12 week mailout that helps you address all aspects of your lifestyle during your rehabilitation with Precision Movement.


Star qualities of the 12 week mail out:

* It will keep your mind focussed on your rehabilitation during your 12 week journey 

* You'll get bite sized reading recommendations for your How To Eat Move and Be Healthy book on other areas that contribute to your healing and recovery

* Helpful reminders that you can refer back to on the things I teach you in the studio

* Tonnes more free information in links, books, articles, videos, audio guides and other sources

* Inspiration and motivation for the tough moments! 


This will be available to new clients from September onwards.  However, if you would like to receive the bailout for an added boost to your training and rehabilitation then please sign up HERE.  It will only be available to "oldies" (!) until the end of September 2016 - so sign up to avoid disappointment!

The Injuries and Rehabilitation of 3 Top Tennis Stars

The Injuries and Rehabilitation of 3 Top Tennis Stars

Precision Movement's KT discusses the injuries and inspiring rehabilitation of three top tennis stars as the US Open Tennis tournament 2016 gets underway.